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Low Memory Error On Render

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Dmitry Surnin
Low Memory Error On Render
on Nov 8, 2008 at 12:49:12 am

Hello. About 60% done rendering i get an error saying that the system is low on memory and i should close applications and such.

Im not sure what could be causing this I have about 75% free memory on C drive and i have 3GB of memory total, only a quarter is being used and i just did a disk disfragment and i still get that error.

here are my specs:

AMD Athlon 64X2 Dual
Core Prosseser 3800+
1.99GHz 3.00GB Ram

The project i am working on mostly consists of .avi and .wmv footage and the video is about 3 minutes long.

I have tried to close a bunch of programs like explorer and it got me about 10% more but i still got that message so any help will be appreciated

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steve rhoden
Re: Low Memory Error On Render
on Nov 8, 2008 at 1:12:54 am

Is this a one time occurence? (need to know first).

Steve Rhoden
(Cow Leader)
Creative Arts Director and Film Maker.
Portfolio at:

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John Rofrano
Re: Low Memory Error On Render
on Nov 8, 2008 at 2:52:45 pm

Low memory warnings have nothing to do with your C: drive or any other drive. It is complaining about system memory (RAM) that is available not disk space. It doesn't matter that your PC has 3GB of RAM, how much is free? Anti-virus and Internet Security Suites like Norton/Symantec and Burning Suites like Nero 8 Ultra love to run multiple processes in the background sucking up valuable memory. Kill everything on your PC before doing a render.

If you want to see how much available memory you have, right-click on the windows taskbar (at the bottom of your screen) and select Task Manager. Then click the Performance tab and look at Physical Memory(K) and see what it says for Available Memory. I'm guessing it is a very small number compared to Total.

Like I said, kill everything on your PC before doing a render.


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Alec Weinstein
Re: Low Memory Error On Render
on Oct 4, 2010 at 6:21:29 pm

Let me do everyone a big favor. I just went through hell and back trying to solve this problem on my system:
Athlon X3 440 @3.4ghz
8gb DDR3
ATI 4850
Windows 7 64

And I finally figured it out.

I recently put together a short film in Vegas Studio Platinum 10 and started getting these low memory errors once the project was about 2/3rds complete. I was able to get out renders at that point only if I reboot the program and immediately rendered. As the project was closer to being complete it would not render at all- giving an almost immediate memory error.

I tried all the fixes- setting the video preview ram to 0, rendering threads to 1, etc. Nothing worked. The prospect of losing my movie after the time I put into it was unacceptable. I ended up upgrading my Ram from 4gb to 8gb- no change. I removed the overclocking from my CPU, no change. I formatted my system drive- re-installed windows 7 32, then back to 64, and a clean install of Vegas each time- no change.

Disgusted with the situation I found no other option than moving to another editing suite- which led to the discovery. In order to move to Premiere I decided I would try to render out each track in Vegas separately so I could drop the rendered files into premiere for continued editing. I muted all the tracks leaving only the main video track to render, and Vegas got through it, rendering the video-only track with audio disabled to a lossless AVI. I then rendered each other video track and audio track like that separately. (Audio tracks were rendered as WAV files)

After this process was done I realized I could drop these rendered files into Premier or... back into Vegas! I did so, and voila- I could now edit, modify, and render my entire movie in Vegas very quickly, without a hitch. Sure, I lost some functionality- I couln't modify my envelopes, my color treatment was now permanent, etc, but I had a workable project again.

The bottom line is this- Vegas can't handle a complex movie project, full of envelopes, transitions, color treatments, audio plugins, etc. Once the file reaches a certain level of complexity the software chokes and pukes out the memory error (weak design if you ask me). By rendering out individual tracks you decrease the rendering load tremendously, and by re-importing the rendered files you drop the complexity of the project file way down, allowing further editing and rendering without a problem.

Give it a shot. Hopefully my suffering over the last week can save you all a lot of pain.

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Darko Djeric
Re: Low Memory Error On Render
on Jan 17, 2011 at 12:10:20 pm

Hi Guys,

hope this will help you.
Had the same problem trying to render MP4 files on multiple track project with OC 3.24 GHZ,Q6600,4gig Ram in Vegas 10 platinum.

After so much figuring out and yes none of those didnt work,like reducing preview Ram,multiple threads etc.

This what I found is the only way to do it and it worked for me.
Note this files are from Canon 7D which is probably another reason why is so complex.

First I did is using edit tool with snapping enabled reduced number of tracks by drag droping files and resizing unnecessery files so they dont overlap if not necessary,more of files that are open regardless whethear you are going to render or not it still is taking your memory .
Next thing I did is split the whole project in few parts after I inserted markers and by cutting everything else but multiple track part wish to render and saved as new individual small project.
Simply described ,instead of having one multiple track project ,I ended up having 3 or more small multiple track projects,depends on size of your file you may split it more or less to suit your system.
Then render each individualy and once all done put final renders together on single track and render final master.
It works every time now , VOILA!!!LOVE VEGAS AGAIN!!
What error message means is that system cant handle for memory reasons, so not just trying to render part of it but acually deleting the rest of project is cruicaly important,of course you save you project like exp Main Master,I ended up having like Main Master 1,Main Master 2 and Main Master 3 or more projeect files.
Hope this helps.

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Robert Kampf
Re: Low Memory Error On Render
on Feb 18, 2011 at 2:42:31 pm

A simple solution:

hi there, i'm not a pro when it comes to Vegas but i encountered the same problem when rendering a project to WMV output. One day it works the next it goes "low on memory" but i think i found a simple solution (you gonna laugh but it worked):

i just started a second instance of Vegas with a new project went back to the one that always crashed (w/ low on memory error) marked the entire project files and copied (Strg+c) and pasted them into the new project. Viola, rendering worked again.

Don't ask me what the problem is, but it seems that in my case after a crash the project was corrupted and rendering was impossible. I had the same experience that it worked one day and the next it didn't. I hope this helps. Cheers

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James Li
Re: Low Memory Error On Render
on Apr 19, 2011 at 10:07:35 pm

What a weird but awesome solution! You saved my project!!!!!! Thank you Robert.

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Joel Jimenez
Re: Low Memory Error On Render
on Sep 3, 2011 at 6:42:43 pm

@Robert Kampf

You are a gentleman and a scholar. Your genius has just saved my deadline. I've spent days in frustration and stress. I can now deliver my project at the promised time.



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Chris Smith
Re: Low Memory Error On Render
on Sep 25, 2011 at 2:13:49 pm

Robert Kampf: I signed up for this account just to tell you Thanks.
Now I can render my entire project without a glitch. I agree with a previous poster, you are a Gentleman and a Scholar. Thanks again.

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Erik Sillén
Re: Low Memory Error On Render
on Sep 27, 2011 at 12:00:21 am

Thanks Robert!
Saved my day!
Signed up just to thank you:)

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Justin Leyba
Re: Low Memory Error On Render
on Oct 19, 2011 at 9:20:11 pm

Robert, what do you mean by (Strg+c)? And what if you have effects on the track itself? Can you copy that to the new project as well?

Hope you can help!! =) thanks

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Robert Kampf
Re: Low Memory Error On Render
on Oct 20, 2011 at 7:21:47 am

Hi Justin,

mark your entire project and use Ctrl+C to copy it. Open a second instance of vegas and paste with Ctrl+V. If you're not familiar with keyboard shortcuts you can always go to "edit" and then use copy/paste. "Strg" is the german name on keyboards for Ctrl - sorry didn't think of that when i made the post.
Copying effects worked in my project, but there where some glitches and bugs and i had to do some of the effects again.

hope that helps


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Jerry Quartley
Re: Low Memory Error On Render
on Sep 21, 2013 at 8:00:16 pm

works like a charm

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Chris Gogh
Re: Low Memory Error On Render
on Mar 27, 2014 at 12:52:00 am

It has been 3 years since you posted this solution, but I signed up just to say THANK YOU for this, Robert! I have a new laptop with 8GB of RAM with a i7 processor, and was ripping my hair out trying to get this to work, when it should be able to handle the 47-second video I was trying to process. It was 1080p, but still. You saved my aspirations. Thank you so much, Robert!

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Totte Folkesson
Re: Low Memory Error On Render
on Jul 4, 2017 at 11:45:10 pm

Signed up 6 years later to tell you thanks! works still ☺

Weird error bug..

16GB 2600MHz RAM
8-Core 4.00GHz AMD FX 8350
8GB Radeon RX 480

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