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29 Frame & 59 Frame Per Second Problem With My Film

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Jackie Luffy
29 Frame & 59 Frame Per Second Problem With My Film
on Sep 21, 2017 at 1:20:29 am

Hi guys! I recently ran into a small problem, I was wondering If I should render My project as a 29.97 frame video or a 59.97 frame video, the reason this is so hard to decide for me is because I'm starting to realize that all new tv's annoyingly seem to be switching to 59.97 frames now... I feel like If I render it as 29.97 I will be left in the dust almost...

I have a question though, I've noticed that pretty much everything you play on a big huge smart tv ALWAYS seems to get converted to 59.97 I know this because it has that extreme smooth almost fast forward look to it even videos that are 24 frames a second!

I am wondering though, If My video is 29.97 frames and a smart tv converts it to 59.97 frames will it literally look the same as if I just rendered it as 59.97?

Half of my fim is filmed at 59.97, but the only thing is the other half is only filmed at 29.97... My idea initially was to just convert all the 59.97 footage to 29.97, but if I do that will it look like its 60 frames on a smart tv? Or does the conversion leave ghosting and other sorts of glitches? I know they convert lower frame rates to 59 but I've noticed it looks like shit, like for example I've noticed the frames skipping or pausing inbetween.

My other option is to just render it out as 59.97, and I assume all the 29.97 footage will end up looking like crap with ghosting and glitches and what not... either way I am stuck as to what I should do.

Bottom line, I am perfectly fine with making this 29.97 frames but I just worry because when it will be viewed on a big smart tv the video will look glitchy and laggy... What do you guys think I can do?

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