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H E L P - Major sync problems!!

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Cuno Mogensen
H E L P - Major sync problems!!
on Apr 18, 2012 at 7:09:01 pm

Hi out there in the Vegas Universe!!

I have a bit of a problem, actually it's a BIG problem. All the videos I render in vegas are out of sync, and I simply don't know what to do? I live in Denmark, Europe and therefore shot at 25fps AVCHD. I then set the timeline in Vegas (please note: Studio 10) to 25fps. All is well!! I the edit a awsome video, with edits that fits the beats in the music I added. All is still well and looking good when played in the Vegas preview window. I then render the video as Sony AVC (MP4) again at 25fps. But sadly the sound is out of sync when played outside Vegas. At the beginning of the video it is in sync, but ever so slowly it starts to fall out of sync. Over a three minute video I would say it's probably about a half a second (15-20 frames). It seems worse if there are more the one video track...which there always are, right? I have tried a number of thing, but hoping some of you might have some fresh ideas. Here is what I have tried so far:

- Play the videos in different players
- Change template
- Change ruler
- Change the audio settings
- Render in different formats

all this and no closer to the solution. Now I almost forgot to say this problem is only with sound and music added in Vegas, the sound imported in to Vegas along with video footage (and still grouped - video and sound) I have no problem with. But that of course is no fun, I need to add sound effects and cut the videos to music. So please come with your input, I'll try anything!!



PS.: I found another user on the forum that suffers almost the same problem:

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Frederic Baumann
Re: H E L P - Major sync problems!!
on Apr 25, 2012 at 9:46:03 pm


Did you try to insert the rendered file as an extra track of your project (well, 1 video track AND 1 audio track)?

This would let you compare the audio peaks and see where the lag happens. Especially if you mute the "normal" audio tracks before rendering, and keep only the faulty one(s).

One thing is not clear to me: is the "lagging" audio track made of one single, long audio event, or of several small ones?

If it's a single long audio file, where does it come from?

And finally, did you deactivate the option Options > Quantize on frames ?(not sure about my English translation of this option, I am using a French version of Vegas).

Hope this helps,


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