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Casting Call for Short Film "Till Death Do Us Part"

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Casting Call for Short Film "Till Death Do Us Part"
on Jan 2, 2008 at 10:06:08 am


Based on old Chinese tradition and customs, there is this old belief in the idea of reincarnation. A person with good karma gets reincarnated as a human in their next life; those with bad karma will be reincarnated as an animal.

The film is portrayed from a first person perspective. The main character is you. You go through life and death three times. The wheel of fortune of life.
Finally the circularity of events brings you back to the lives of the people around you albeit in different forms.

You become Destiny

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Colleen Berry
Re: Casting Call for Short Film "Till Death Do Us Part"
on Jan 17, 2008 at 6:47:24 am

Hi I get the idea but i feel you are limiting the avenues. I have true stories of myself. I believe we are truely reincarnated, and we are then into another life, we have to plug through. I am an artist and a musical woman. My life that I know of,probable the last life I know I was a barroom entertainer. Way way back, America. I may have been an entertainer/. or preferred woman in earlier times. It is in me. most recent, was a singer, performer. I don't knbow where or when. I have the knowlege and energy and streets. Yet I am not a woman of the streets. I have an eye for art. Have been told by professors, designers, and common poeple. You will probably not believe this, but it is real. I know what is in my gut and heart. I am a church woman, not a whore on the streets. Believe it or not, I was an entertainer in my past life. Do you get it. You are probably young and have not had time to really live and experience and thought about stuff. (In this life. Do you feel an aspire for the arts or anthing? I mean like it feels like it is part of you and you can't deny it> life) Be honest. I do, very strongly. Like it is a part of me (all of me) -and you do not know what to do with it. I feel that way. I don't know all the computer stuff, besides I don't have anyone to communicate with who is truely an artist) I am earthy and real. Have much to offer if you are truley an artist. I am alive for a reason. If you don't want to use me in your project, please call me and discuss your ideas. I am an unknown survivor, who is educated, but knows the streets. Please call either way. Colleen. East Lansing Michigan. 1-51-664-1084

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