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Drawing Graphs for animated values (Scale, Position etc)

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Vadim Akhmetzyanov
Drawing Graphs for animated values (Scale, Position etc)
on Jun 16, 2020 at 11:37:48 am

Hello everyone! I have a very specific need to render graphs of what happens to objects that I animate in AE - it's game interface animations related and this is going to help other people understand my animations.
All tutorials I found are CSV-based graphs but I need my graphs to be scale-driven or position-driven (any given value actually).
I imagine such graphs to be plotted in realtime, every frame, till the end of timeline. For scale, for example, it could be like this:

I'm really hoping for a ready recipe for that (my expression skills are almost 0) - maybe someone did something similar before, but any advice would be apreciated.
P.S. Thats a CSV tutor I watched -

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Robert Müller
Re: Drawing Graphs for animated values (Scale, Position etc)
on Jun 17, 2020 at 12:31:26 pm

Hi Vadim,
I quickly hacked this together, which plots a line for the scale value of a specific object. It might not be exactly what you are looking for but this should point you in the general direction and give you something to work with ☺

yBase=400; //y Position the graph should "start" on.
xStart=-900; //leftmost point of the graph
xEnd=xStart*-1; //rightmost point of the graph
fTotal= timeToFrames(thisComp.duration); // getting the total number of frames so that each frame will represent a point on the path
xStep=length(xStart,xEnd)/fTotal; //distance between the points, steps
pointArr = []; //creating an empty array
lay= thisComp.layer("Object"); //the "watched" layer

for (i=0; i<= fTotal; i++){
I get the x position of each point on each frame, starting from the xStart value.
Then I get the values of one of the scale dimensions on every frame and substract that from my yBase line.
Then I push the value as x and y into my empty array

Since I dont go after tangents I added a round corners to the shape layer.
And to have the graph animate I simply put this expression on the end property of a trim paths I added on my graph:

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Vadim Akhmetzyanov
Re: Drawing Graphs for animated values (Scale, Position etc)
on Jun 17, 2020 at 12:58:38 pm

Hi! Thanks a lot! I can totally work with that, I will definetely study your example and try to adapt it for my needs, realy apreciate.

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