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I'm having problems with using this dynamic camera updating script to sync my multicam footage...

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steven dileo
I'm having problems with using this dynamic camera updating script to sync my multicam footage...
on Jan 24, 2020 at 7:46:47 am

Hi, I've hit a little bit of a brick wall. I've been testing all sorts of various ways to edit multicam footage from premiere into after effects using and switching between 3 AE cameras, and one main controller camera, so 4 cameras total.

I found a method someone came up who posted this video on youtube:

I've tried following the directions and expressions the uploader explains in his video, and most of the video works, with it dynamically updating the main camera to use the perspective of the other 3 cameras, but for some reason it will switch the active camera randomly update to "camera 0" which for me is a null camera, so it goes to a front view I believe, so the perspective is then off from the virtual set.

The uploader was asked in the comments if he could paste the code. The uploader responded, but the code is different from what he was talking about in the video. I've tried that bit of code as well, but in the code, there is a script errror which requests for a layer "markers", which was not discussed in the video. I tried making a layer named "markers", and it did get rid of the script error, but I still was not getting dynamic camera updates. I'll copy and paste the bit of code at the bottom of this post.

I am definitely not a coder, although I wish I was sometimes! I can see the power of being able to get this expression up and working the way I want to use it would save a lot of time on my end, which is something i'm always trying to achieve. So if anyone has any thoughts on what I might be missing for this expression, or any other way to easily sync multi-cam footage into AE with respective cameras, that would be amazing! :)

Here is the bit of code the uploader pasted in the comment sections:

layer: text


parameter: Source Text

cameraName = "Camera " + Math.round(thisComp.layer("").effect("active object")("Slider"));


effect: slider

name : active object

parameter: Slider

res = Math.round(effect("active object")("Slider"));

for (n = 1; n &lt;= thisComp.layer("markers").marker.numKeys; n++){

if (timeToCurrentFormat(time) >= timeToCurrentFormat(thisComp.layer("markers").marker.key(n).time)) res = thisComp.layer("markers").marker.key(n).comment;



camera naming: Camera N (N = 0 .. ++)

layer: camera

name: Camera Main

parameter: all

cameraName = "Camera " + Math.round(thisComp.layer("").effect("active object")("Slider")) + "";

propGrpName = thisProperty.propertyGroup(1).name;

propName =;


layer: chromakey shot

parameter: Opacity (N = camera for this shot)

if (Math.round(thisComp.layer("").effect("active object")("Slider")) == N) {100} else {0};

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