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Essential Graphics and audio properties

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Julian Haidu
Essential Graphics and audio properties
on May 23, 2019 at 10:42:49 am

Hey everyone,

I created an Essential Graphics Template in After Effects that mutes or unmutes an audio track depending on a user input text layer's content.
The muting just works through setting the audio to [-192,-192].
It works flawlessly in After Effects, but as soon as I open it in Premiere it doesn't work anymore.
I figured this is a bug of some sort, that hasn't been worked on yet.
Is there a workaround for this?
I tried it with the stereomixer effect, but that didn't seem to work out either...

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Tomas Bumbulevičius
Re: Essential Graphics and audio properties
on May 26, 2019 at 6:55:25 am

Hey Julian, how did you used Stereo Mixer? Based on the user input, by setting value to 0..100?

In addition, by saying it does not work, do you mean audio is not affected at all, or are there other issues?

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Julian Haidu
Re: Essential Graphics and audio properties
on May 27, 2019 at 7:47:04 am

Hey Thomas,
in the Essential Graphics panel you can select one of multiple prewritten sentences through the use of toggles. A text layer's source text adapts automatically to that. Depending on what sentence you choose, the music is supposed to adapt as well. There are two music files music1 and music2. For each of the prewritten sentences one of those music files should be played.
I tried these two options:
1. Changing the audio levels accord to the toggles set e.g. audio level for music1 to -192 and music2 to 0 and vice versa:
2. Changing the audio levels through the stereo mixer effect e.g. left parented to right and then turning one music layer way down and leave the other at 0 and vice versa.

Both options worked flawlessly in After Effects, but as soon as I created the Essential Graphics file and imported it into Premiere it seemed to ignore the audio functions. It just kept the settings that were present when I exported the Essential Graphics. So let's say while exporting, music1 was set to 0 and music2 was set to -192, it would be like that in Premiere (you can hear music1 and music2 is muted). When I change the sentence through the Essential Graphics Panel in Premiere to another through the toggles now, the text layer adjusts accordingly, but the music stays the same (music1 is still playing instead of music2).

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Goran Hanzek
Re: Essential Graphics and audio properties
on Nov 8, 2019 at 9:53:49 am

Did you find solution to audio levels problem in mogrt?

I have the same problem. I created mogrt in AE where I have 1 editable text layer and 3 different backgrounds, each with it's own wave file. I connected it to a slider so user can chose which background will be shown. I also connected audio levels to slider. So when slider 1 is active, video 1 is visible and 2nd and 3rd videos waves have audio levels set to -192 (for both channels).

Like Julian said, it works perfectly in AE, but when imported to Premiere, only one sound is played everytime. Audio levels does not work. I even tried with time remapping to push other audio files out of the comp but it didn't work either.

I work in AE2018, but I have to save it in AE 2017 ( version and export MOGRT from there since client has dosen workstations running version of premiere (CC2018, 12.0.0., build 224) which is not compatibile with AE 2018 MOGRTS.

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Julian Haidu
Re: Essential Graphics and audio properties
on Nov 8, 2019 at 10:02:49 am

Hey Goran,
unfortunately I haven't found a solution yet. Even with the latest version of CC it doesn't work.

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