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Trying to recreate the chat scroll in instagram live

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john cranston
Trying to recreate the chat scroll in instagram live
on Apr 27, 2019 at 2:01:02 am

Hello everyone,
I'm trying to recreate the scrolling chat that happens over an instagram live feed.

Here's a little gif for ref: . I want it to move like that but a bit faster like there's a lot of people commenting.

I snagged an expression off of here (I'm so sorry, I've been digging through a bunch of forums and I do not remember who posted this to give credit). It gets me ALMOST there, with one hiccup.

Here's what it currently looks like:

Imagine everything below the red box is masked off. I need each new chat to land in that box. I still want it to be random in terms of when it moves, but I need it to land in that box every time....otherwise when it's masked off the newest message will be slightly cut off.

I thought setting the minDist and maxDist both to 50 would make it move up the same amount every time but no such luck.

Appreciate any suggestions on how to tweak this script or rebuild a new one. Thank you!!

minDist = 50;
maxDist = 50;
minHold = 2; // frames
maxHold = 15;

t0 = 0;
t1 = 0;
yTot = 0;

while (t1 &lt; time){
t0 = t1;
t1 += random(framesToTime(minHold),framesToTime(maxHold));
if (t1 &lt; time)
yTot += random(minDist,maxDist);
value - [0,yTot]

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john cranston
Re: Trying to recreate the chat scroll in instagram live
on Apr 27, 2019 at 3:45:07 am

I figured it out...I must sheepishly admit that the script worked perfectly. The problem was that I created the chat scroll by eye, and in order for it to work with this script, the messages need to be perfectly spaced.

Follow up request there something I could add to this script so that instead of the scroll jumping right to the next position, it eases into place? So instead of it changing position in one frame, it actually slides in to position?

Thank you again!

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