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Frame by frame effect

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Giorgio Terzo
Frame by frame effect
on Feb 25, 2019 at 12:48:11 am

Dear all,

I am trying to reproduce this effect ( in an animation trying to manipulate the position and skipping some frame with the following expression (thanks to Dan Ebberts!):

// Skipping frame
n = 2; // skip every nth frame

frameToSkip = 0; // 0,1,2 ...n-1
currFrame = Math.round(time/thisComp.frameDuration);
currFrame += Math.floor((currFrame - frameToSkip)/(n-1)) + 1;

//change the update of the position
rate = 5;
//add some randomenss
prob = 50;
if(random(0, 100) < prob) {
rate = rate + random(0.05);
t = framesToTime(Math.floor(timeToFrames()/rate)*rate);

The problem is that I have to apply the second expression in each moving elements and sometimes the animation is "not really controllable".
Does exist a better a method (or maybe a plugin) in order to achieve this kind of effects? A sort of master effect that can be applied for all animation?


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Dan Ebberts
Re: Frame by frame effect
on Feb 25, 2019 at 2:05:03 am

Precompose and then control time remapping, maybe? Or did you want the animation timings to be independent of each other?

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Giorgio Terzo
Re: Frame by frame effect
on Feb 25, 2019 at 10:53:50 am

Hello Dan! Thanks for your answer. As far as I could see until now, the best way to go (I think) is to have independent animation timing between the elements.
When I tried to control only the time remapping, the stuttering in the animation become too "regular".

For this reason, I tried to apply different expression for the position in order to add some instability ... But of course, it starts to become pretty uncontrollable right now ☺

I am thinking if exist any technique/method in order to control the time remapping in combination with the update rate of the position for each part.

Sorry for my explanation, I hope that makes sense ☺


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