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Couple of Questions from a Color Noob...

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Tim AdamsonCouple of Questions from a Color Noob...
by on Dec 4, 2012 at 3:30:02 am

So as a student, I'm trying to get as much out of Color as I can without all the added equipment.

That is, I don't have any trucolor monitor or more than one screen to work off so I have couple of questions that I've had a really difficult time finding an answer to because 'color' isn't the most specific keyword for google...

So 1: is it at all possible to view my graded image full screen on the same monitor?

And 2: I'm finding my colour keys don't do so well at coping with motion blur and give these large outlines to moving objects. What's the best way to fix this, is there some sort of edge feathering option or what?

I guess I'm just having a hard time blending my colour grades and a feathering option would help immensely. I think there's some artifacting occuring (I'm not sure if AVCHD -> prores 422 is the best for grading...) but I can't quite tell because my preview is so small... Also, I've tried 'Key Blur' and it doesn't seem to be helping. Should I just do it in after effects?

Thanks in advance.

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Joseph OwensRe: Couple of Questions from a Color Noob...
by on Dec 4, 2012 at 5:58:48 pm

Question 1, with a single screen, no.

Question 2. You have discovered Key Blur, which is all there is in Apple COLOR. It was a deficiency, as it does not have a dilate/erode modifier, either.

For a better single screen color grading application (Cinema mode) and secondaries with far superior key blur and dilate/erode, you should try DaVinci Resolve (now that COLOR is EOL). You can start out easy with the free Resolve Lite application from BlackMagic -- check to make sure your hardware platform conforms with their requirements. Resolve is a much higher performance grade app and it needs the GPUs and gigaflops to support it.

The round trip from FCP to Resolve does require generating an XML, but in some regards it is better than Apple's Send to... which really just an XML background process anyway. There are also some differences between the two applications as to what they support, do not support, and will cause to freeze/crash.


"I always pass on free advice -- its never of any use to me" Oscar Wilde.

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