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Live capture of a IP stream / Cable feed, piped directly into premiere

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Joe Williams
Live capture of a IP stream / Cable feed, piped directly into premiere
on Feb 23, 2017 at 8:27:39 pm

This post kinda bridges the gaps between live streaming, broadcast, and post production so I am hoping that an answer can be found here. If not, apologies for putting it in the wrong location.

I have been tasked with finding a way to pipe government live feeds directly into a premiere timeline. Possible sources for this feed can either be CSPAN or preferably (in my mind at least) the far more numerous YouTube Live streams of the various agencies we would be interested in commenting on.

The trick i am having issue with is the need to be able to cut out any file saving steps since the workflow needs to be as fast as possible. Otherwise I would just screen cap/external record, render, and be done with it.

Starting with the cable source:

1: Is it as simple as tuning a set-top box to CSPAN, using the component-vid out on the box to a capture deck a lá BM decklink intensity and from there just a matter of setting premiere to capture that boxes output?

2: I know this is a common practice in broadcast environments but my background as a Director/DP has not exposed me to those workflows yet so I am totally open to more industry standard solutions than the above.

For the Streaming Video source

1: For this side, quality does not matter quite so much as the additional sources that can be accessed. It is understood that no streaming video will be of as high a quality as a cable source.

2: That said, i have no clue how to make this one work. The requirement that it be pushed directly into premiere (or to our NAS, then to premiere) makes a lot of solutions i am familiar with untenable.

3: I am currently messing around with an IP video decoder (the datavideo NVD-20) that we have in stock with the aim of POSSIBLY using a program like WireShark to sniff the RTMP address of the feed and pull it using the decoder. Not sure/confident this will work but i have so might as well try it.

To wrap up, I am at a large traditional media company that is just starting to dip its toes in fast, reactionary content production. Budget is not too much of a concern but if we could get it in under $10-$15k that would be awesome.

Thanks to anyone who takes the time to read this massive post!

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James Hauge
Re: Live capture of a IP stream / Cable feed, piped directly into premiere
on Feb 24, 2017 at 10:16:48 am

I don't know if it'll do exactly what you want, but it can capture lots of different types of online video streaming...

I use it on linux for a lot of different video things, but i believe that there's also a windows version available there..

It used to be called something else but the maintainer at github disapeared and so other's made this from that one...

Good luck!

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