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Workflow suggestions needed!

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Ali Jafri
Workflow suggestions needed!
on Jul 3, 2008 at 11:22:01 pm

Hi People! My first post here so it'll probably be very general, but would appreciate all the help I can get. I didn't know where to post this so hope I'm in this correct forum!

Pakistan is still WAY behind in the video scheme of things. Television networks still ask for DVCAM (PAL) masters regardless of the format you shoot and post produce in. So I'm thinking lets track backwards from that.

1. Since the final master has to be in DVCAM would it be pointless to shoot the video in anything other than SD? I'm thinking Digital Betacam would probably be my best bet owing to its 4:2:2 colour space, but I'm open to any suggestions.

2. I'm going into production of a drama serial as early as next week, and we're hiring all equipment and also recruiting an experienced DP for the job. The rental company has recently acquired an EX1 and is pushing for me to rent that out with a Firestore. The DP, however, has no prior experience in this camera and is only taking responsibility for his work on the DigiBeta. Also, the EX1 is full HD and that alone would cause workflow issues since I have to downconvert to DVCAM anyways. Any suggestions regarding workflow and choice of camera would be highly appreciated!

3. Since all my previous work has been edited, post produced, and mastered on DVCAM I've just been using a DSR-11 deck and capturing/mastering through FireWire. Now I intend to get the Black Magic Intensity Pro card. Although this is primarily used for HDMI capturing and monitoring I'm thinking I could use the analog component inputs to capture from a rented DigiBeta deck using a BNC to RCA converter (the intensity pro has RCA connectors rather than BNC). Will this workflow maintain the 4:2:2 colour space of DigitalBeta if captured correctly? Furthermore, will the component capture offer better quality output even when ultimately mastered onto DVCAM? Is the Intensity Pro even the right card for this workflow? Suggestions and opinions would be most welcome.

4. I also have an FX1 camera who's footage I intend to use in the production process along with the Digital Betacam footage in post. Will there be a significant visual jump between these two mediums if put alongside each other? I have previously done this for a music video and the results were hardly noticabe after deinterlacing and grading the final edit - but for a drama shoot where a film look isn't necessarily neeed I'm thinking there would be a noticable difference. Any opinions?

5. Even if I do get the Intensity Pro, can I capture DV footage shot on the FX1 through component? I understand that DV has a colour space of 4:1:1. This may be a stupid question but will capturing through component increase the colour space margin in any way? Or would it be the same as capturing through FireWire?

Even though I have a million other questions I think I should stop here before I scare away everyone from answering!

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