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Is cell style animation possible in Photoshop CS2?

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JockomoIs cell style animation possible in Photoshop CS2?
by on Oct 14, 2006 at 7:53:31 pm

is it possible to do traditional cell style animation in photoshop?

So far it seems like I have to make a layer for each frame, and then make a coresponding frame in the animation pallet, then set the layer visibility for each frame manually.

It seems like alot of work just to get set up, is there an easier way?

I also could swear I remember seeing an onion skin option in the animation pallet but can't find it now.

-also... is it impossible to edit more than one layer at a time? I can select many layers at once, and I have a copy of the same image in all layers, I would like to erase the same part in all layers at the same time.

Basically I am trying to animate a graphic, similar to animating a signature. I want to copy the final frame to all frames and erase a bit of it at a time, thus rather than having to erase the same part over and over for each frame, if I could select all frames, and erase a bit, deselect a frame, erase a bit more, etc... it would be alot easier.

I'm using photoshop CS2 btw.

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herojigRe: Is cell style animation possible in Photoshop CS2?
by on Oct 20, 2006 at 3:48:50 am

Well, animation is possible, but I would not call it cell-style. It's Adobe layer style. I think you need one layer per cell, unless you use the tweening function to automagically create "cells" in the PS/CS2 animator. So just create a few layers starting with full image and working down to the "erased" image, then use tweening between the cells to make the animation look like an erase. But then there are different ways to do the erase, if it's like biting apple chunks, less cells are needed, and if it's like a sponge erase, there are more cells. I am just learning animation myself, but I am not using PS, instead, I am using toonboon for 2d and poser6 for 3d. Even flash8 is a better animator then PS inmho. flash, toonboon, and even corel painterIX have true onionskinning, but i do use Photoshop to create a lot of the artwork, and just import the psd files into those other apps. well, hope that helps somewhat!

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JockomoRe: Is cell style animation possible in Photoshop CS2?
by on Oct 20, 2006 at 7:31:36 pm

Thanks for your reply Herojig. I found a way to do it in after effects using the paint tool. Info can be found under rotoscoping in the manual.

With as many tools as photoshop has, I'd have thought cell style animation link in toonboom would be there, but I guess not.

Oh well thanks again.

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