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Strain of Samples Per Frame

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Mike SussmanStrain of Samples Per Frame
by on Jul 16, 2009 at 2:39:48 pm

(You can skip the following paragraph if you just want to get right to the question.)

I have this fairly complicated AE project in 3D with camera moves. It was humming along fine for quite a while and then at some point after I made some more additions it just kept crashing every time I did a ram preview, over and over and over again. I think the error message I kept getting was (26:311), whatever that means. Though trial and error of making minor changes (and crashing every time) I discovered that if I turned off motion blur it would ram preview fine. Well losing motion blur was not acceptable so I narrowed it down to the point where I found I could have motion blur on, but only with a "Samples Per Frame" setting of 2 instead of the default 8 or even 4. 2 is better than zero but still not very good.

If I can ram preview with a motion blur Samples Per Frame setting of 2 but no higher, does this mean that my system has reached it's ram limitation? Will simply adding more ram alleviate this problem? Will the CC Force Motion Blur effect help me work around this problem or will it be pointless if the real problem is that my system is simply strained to capacity?


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Daniel d'AvoineRe: Strain of Samples Per Frame
by on Jun 28, 2010 at 10:43:52 am


Think you might have already sorted out this issue by now, but I was struggling with the same error code (26::311) this morning and after a lot of searching on-line to no avail, I tried a few things. What seemed to clear up this issue for me was I had more than one audio track in my project, so I turned the audio off that was linked to some clips I am using and this has seemed to fix the issue.

Hope this helps someone else out and saves them the hour that I just spent trying to fix this issue.


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