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Multi-machine Render slow to render

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John JackowiakMulti-machine Render slow to render
by on Apr 20, 2011 at 8:52:51 pm


Just to state before my question, I have done multi-machine renders in the past without this issue. I am currently rendering 2 Tiff sequences of 2 separate projects using 3 intel macs. One sequence is being rendered to a destination folder located on the same machine the project is stored on. The second project has been copied onto two different macs, and they are both rendering to a folder on our local server. We had some tweaks to make on both after their initial renders.

I deleted the appropriate frames from the image sequences within the destination folders. In theory, AE should skip over all existing frames in those folders and only render the images that I deleted. AE IS DOING THIS CORRECTLY.

Normally, AE references the folder and jumps almost instantly to the point in the sequence that it has to render. then continues on accordingly. When I look in my render que, it shows that it is skipping over all the frames already rendered. I checked both destination folders to confirm that AE wasn't, in fact, overwriting them. It wasn't.


The problem is AE is taking forever to skip over the already existing frames. Currently both renders are on par to finish rendering at the same time, if not, longer then the original renders. I thought it might be a server issue. But being that one project isn't using our server to do the same process, my thought is AE is to blame.

Has anyone ever come across this issue before?

John Jackowiak
Brand New Motion

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Walter SoykaRe: Multi-machine Render slow to render
by on Apr 21, 2011 at 2:20:52 pm

John, I have had this same issue. I think it's new in CS5. I never had this problem on CS3.

I worked around it at the time by manually selecting the frame range to render, but seeing your post has inspired me to submit a bug report. If this is a problem for your workflow, too, I suggest you do the same:

Walter Soyka
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John JackowiakRe: Multi-machine Render slow to render
by on Apr 22, 2011 at 5:16:08 pm

After much trial and error. I have found the problem. (At least for me). Someone had turned on multi-processing on all the machines. In theory that should make them more efficient. But there are only 8 gigs of ram in each machine. Not nearly enough. This was in fact slowing things down. I turned multi-processing off, and every works just as it should. Hope that helps.

John Jackowiak
Brand New Motion

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