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ghostbusters project

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carl craddockghostbusters project
by on Apr 1, 2011 at 6:06:04 pm

for a bit of fun and to take my learning to another level decided to help a friend out with recreating some ghostbustering antics.

i have been very happy with the results apart from 1 but that i am struggling with.

1. the streams - these are perfect created with a simple line and glow effects and a wave warp added and some lightning with the same warp effect. i am very happy with these

2. the trapping - the trap again i am very happy with as it was just a cone of light with some lightning inserted into it.

3. the ghosts being trapped - this is where i am struggling. i need to extend the streams so they wrap around the ghosts. i have tried and searched long and hard about how to bend the streams around a path but cant find anything. so i started to bodge things to look the part but are falling short. i used the same streams accross the body but they remain quite static and look stuck to the body. i then tried to do a spiral around the ghosts and stroke it and add the wave warp again. although this looks the best to a true ghostbuster fan (yeah yeah we are fanatical for details lol) you can tell the stream and the wrapping are seperate instead of all encompasing.

so to cut a long story short is there a way to make a stream or effect follow a path so i can make the stream from the photon packs all the way around the ghost in 1 fluid stream.

if you need and vid samples of what i have explained and what i want to achieve feel free to ask.

also i feel i must congratulate you on the site. its a wealth of information for the novice to the expert.

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Joey ForemanRe: ghostbusters project
by on Apr 1, 2011 at 6:53:53 pm

I think Trapcode Particular might be your best bet. Not a particle man myself, but that's my 2 cent guess.

Joey Foreman
Editor/Compositor/VFX Artist

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Tudor "Ted" JelescuRe: ghostbusters project
by on Apr 1, 2011 at 7:48:34 pm

And 3d Stroke may be an option, although I agree with Joey, Particular is by far the best choice.

Tudor "Ted" Jelescu
Senior VFX Artist

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carl craddockRe: ghostbusters project
by on Apr 2, 2011 at 10:17:50 am

yeah ive tried with particular. but i cant get the effect i want with it. its able to follow a path but the stream is solid. also the stream is allready made and looking great. its as good as the original in the movies..
i need to be able to manipulate the tip to flow around an object. although i think that misleading, when i say flow around an object i dont mean around the outside i mean in a spiral around it with the parts that go behind masked out to look like a spiral.

i'll post a couple of images later to reference what i mean

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carl craddockRe: ghostbusters project
by on Apr 2, 2011 at 3:27:55 pm

couldnt find edit button.

decided to do it the long winded method. i am creating a path with with a stroke and animating the path over the length of the movie. then copying the stroke 3 times with varying size colors to give it glow effect. then applying an actual glow. that way i can track the end of the beam and make it go around the ghosts.
just a shame theres no way to make lightning follow the path. gunna have to do lots of animating start end points along the path to make the lightning stick to it. not looking forward to that lol.

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Matthew WoodsRe: ghostbusters project
by on Apr 5, 2011 at 11:50:11 am

Have you experimented with CC Bender or CC Bend It to do your distortions? You could parent the start and end points of the bend to the start and end points of your beam and lightning using expressions. I used it with the beam effect once to get a pretty good rope like movement.

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