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RedLog and RedColor

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Julian HerreraRedLog and RedColor
by on Jan 17, 2011 at 6:16:38 pm

We are about to begin compositing on a feature that was shot 4k Anamorphic on the RED. According to the meta data, as well as discussions with the DP, they colorspace is REDcolor and the gamma is REDgamma.

I was hoping someone could clarify the proper work flow to maintain a true linear work-flow. So far my project working space is set to sRGB (in order to match my monitor) I have linearized the working space.

Then, as per the RED plug-in white-sheet, I have interpreted the .r3d file as rec709.

The file here no longer matches the color managed "drag .r3d into comp button" version I am keeping open for reference on a second monitor. It's no far off but its not the same.

I then attempted going into the "more options" settings in "interpret footage" to see if changing the .r3d files meta-data values for color space and gamma to rec709 would make it all fit. These pushed the image further from correct.

To clarify, I am using After Effects cs5 with all current update.

My last question(s) is (are), should there not be an option for REDgamma in the interpret footage/color management drop down list? These values are known, so is it possible to add a custom entry? Why is "embedded" and "other" always greyed out? Is it only possible to maintain color accuracy in AE with these .r3d files if I go to a .exr file from redcine directly and have redcine take care of the linear conversion?

I know these are a lot of questions but having read as much as I can find on LWF online and in other great resources like Christiansen's book, I find that a wrench can always find a way to get thrown in the mix.

Julian Herrera

Matchmover / Compositor / Visual Effects Supervisor
Magnetic Dreams Animation Studio

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Bartek SkorupaRe: RedLog and RedColor
by on Jan 17, 2011 at 10:37:41 pm

First of all I wouldn't even try to use any of the options from the color management tab. RED is a different story. Use the settings from the "more options" tab.
There should be something like: "As shot". This should give you the starting point.
If this is not enough - there are options for gamma etc. If you know the values - use them.

Bartek Skorupa
Warszawa, Poland

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Julian HerreraRe: RedLog and RedColor
by on Jan 18, 2011 at 12:09:56 am

Not sure this is exactly right. As interpreting it rec 709 is yielding the highest color accuracy so far. And if you don't pick anything, it is still assigning sRGB. If I go and change any settings in the "more options" section I just mess with the image as opposed to leaving it as shot (but sill interpreting it rec709)

The need to have redlog and redgamma as a built color management option far exceeds just bringing the footage in. I know I can't export .r3d files but I should be allowed to export a 16bit tiff with RedColor and RedGamma, I can't though, until it is added to the color management tab on export (where there isn't a more options button.)

Is anybody who is computer savvy know how to get in there and add files and gamma definitions? Also I tried getting redCineX to kick me out a linear EXR so that redCineX handles the gamma inversion. However no matter how I interpret the EXR, I get a ugly color shift and saturation loss, technically, with an sRGB working profile and the EXR interpreted linear, i should get the same as an uncolormanaged project with the r3d, not even close. This just increases my confusion.

Matchmover / Compositor / Visual Effects Supervisor
Magnetic Dreams Animation Studio

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Cory PetkovsekRe: RedLog and RedColor
by on Jan 18, 2011 at 1:16:16 am

Redcolor is really too saturated. Redcolor2 is much better, although it is not available in AE yet.

You're most accurate bet is to load the files in the latest beta of redcine-x (356e) and export openexr or dpx using redcolor2 and either redgamma2 or more likely for linear/vfx work, redlogfilm.

You can work with r3ds directly in AE at the cost of minor color inaccuracy. Load them in and check "preserve rgb" to turn off color management. AE does not color manage red footage well yet. Then pick the color space with the most accurate colors (I use redspace until redcolor2 is available), and the gamma curve desired; I use redlog and apply the curve myself.

Also, is a better forum for red workflows; lots of dps and colorists there, more compositors and motion graphics artists here. CC also has a red forum, although I haven't spent much time there.


Cory Petkovsek
Corporate Video

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