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adding a camera change a my measermants and BG/layers

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Anilio Sweet
adding a camera change a my measermants and BG/layers
on Nov 22, 2010 at 12:56:46 pm

Hey every one..

Im a little neww here... i have a question.
I've made a promotrailer with diffent comps and combine them in the main comp.. every things go's fine.
At last i want to put a camera in to the comp..
i have one video in a flatscreen frame and i want to shoot out of the frame backwards multiple tvframes.. like a harmonica... and then i want to fly into the comp parallel to the video's so that you can see whats playing......

But here's the problem (for me than) when i put in a camera everythings get ofset, nottings stays the where it was all , solid/Bg/ etc etc... and adding a adjustlayer or null object does'nt change anything...

And my promo is almost finished but that last shot when adding a camera just won't go right..... and is ruining my promo... but i want to add that movement.

Maybe is it just me..and am i dong things wrong..could some one help me out, please..
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Roland R. Kahlenberg
Re: adding a camera change a my measermants and BG/layers
on Nov 22, 2010 at 5:11:04 pm

When you add a camera in a 'final/master comp', all precomps that are nested are treated as 2D layers even if the precomps contain 3D layers. If you want the 3D options of the nested comps to be affected by the camera then hit the Collapse Transformations button for each nested comp.

At this stage, more often than not, things should work as expected UNLESS you have a combination of 2D and 3D layers in one or more of your precomps which is now affecting the way the 3D layers interact with each other in the master comp.

When you nest a comp with 3D layers (and toggle on Collapse Transformations) into a 3D master comp, it is crucial that you look at the nested comp not as a single 3D layer but simply as a single, simple representation of the actual hierarchy of the layers in the precomp. The actual hierarchy of the precomp is looked at and adhered to by AE when compositing the master comp.



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