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Text wrapped around a 3D Sphere

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Michael RobertsText wrapped around a 3D Sphere
by on Nov 12, 2010 at 8:49:34 pm

The easiest way to accomplish this is to create your text, add the CC Sphere effect to it. Then you can use the Fade in Fade Out effect in order to make the text disappear around the Sphere you created.

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Kevin CampRe: Text wrapped around a 3D Sphere
by on Nov 12, 2010 at 9:24:36 pm

i assume that this was a reply to another post, or you have answered your own question...

but there are a couple other ways to do this.

one easy way is to use a text preset called 'rotate text on circle' (just apply it directly to the text layer from animation presets>presets>text>3d). you'll probably need to rotate it on the y axis after that. then make your cc sphere layer 3d and place it at the same position as the text (ie, if the text is at 360,240,0, enter the same for the sphere layer).

this way the text will appear to go behind the sphere with out having to mess with fade in/out timing.

Kevin Camp
Senior Designer

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Michael RobertsRe: Text wrapped around a 3D Sphere
by on Nov 12, 2010 at 9:40:26 pm

Thanks Kevin ... This was actually in response to another subscriber's question. Of course there is always more than one way to skin a cat! Please keep in touch ... I'm sure I can pick up a few things from you!

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Roland R. KahlenbergRe: Text wrapped around a 3D Sphere
by on Nov 13, 2010 at 5:38:50 am

I've got an improved version of the 3D Text Animation Preset "rotate text on circle". The version that comes with AE actually doesn't use rotation to move the text. Instead it uses the First Margin Property. This makes it difficult to create a loop.

Here's the link to download the improved version, broadcastgems TextRotate Sphere.

Another improvement is that text characters that are in reverse mode with respect to the (imaginary) sphere are automagically set to 50% opacity.

It's a Zip file - so do the necessary and ENSURE that your text layer is already a 3D layer. A note of caution, I have included the Source text into the FFX. So you'll need to replace my source text. ;-)


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