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Thomas ReedC4D Animation
by on Oct 6, 2010 at 1:31:29 am

I've created a C4D animation and I'm trying to make a composition with neon lines that move around the text behind and in front of the animation is.

My problem is if I import a video render then everything in input will either be under the render behind the background or on top of the render so you can only see the neon lines.

Do i need an .aec file or is there a way to remove the black background of the C4D movie.

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Michael SzalapskiRe: C4D Animation
by on Oct 6, 2010 at 1:38:01 pm

I am just starting to learn Cinema 4d, but I do know that you can output alpha mattes from it. I just don't know how. Your disc probably came with a tutorial on how to use C4D with AE and I think that's covered in there.

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Walter SoykaRe: C4D Animation
by on Oct 6, 2010 at 2:31:49 pm

AEC is the way to go.

In broad strokes, you need to add compositing tags and define object buffers in your C4D project. You'll do a multi-pass render, which renders out the 3D elements as video files and includes alpha mattes as Michael mentioned.

The AEC file is an After Effects composition which includes your light information, camera information, object buffers, and baked video files, re-assembled for further compositing in AE. You can't modify the camera data here, otherwise it will break 3D perspective on your C4D renders, so make sure your camera is animated as you'd like in C4D.

A quick Google search on "Cinema 4D After Effects integration" turns up many tutorials.

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Steve RobertsRe: C4D Animation
by on Oct 6, 2010 at 3:55:53 pm

I don't know if making an AEC is necessary. I'd just use the existing C4D project to render a TIFF sequence with alpha.

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Thomas ReedRe: C4D Animation
by on Oct 6, 2010 at 6:06:42 pm

Thanks for all your help !

However I made the mistake of thinking you needed the 3D data where in all matter of fact you didn't. I have only used after effects for the twitch plug-in and always found it a lot more confusing.

However after realising it works a lot like photoshop for blending layers I realised that I only need the animation rendered as a Quicktime Movie to make the animation I wished to create !

If you wan't to see what my goal was:

I know it's nothing incredible, but I've only ever been able to use AE for twitch.

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