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Juicy Korean movie Colour

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Edward Collier
Juicy Korean movie Colour
on Sep 25, 2010 at 3:08:10 am

Hi there,
I'm trying to imitate a particular colour look for my movie.
I'm pretty good at color matching using the curves an levels effects to imitate other movies (if i have a still for comparison) but this particular look elludes me.
I was hoping you guys had some ideas and tips (or even better complete practical instruction :) ).
The look i'm going for is the one found in many Korean movies such as:
Lady vengance
Tale of two sisters

Especially tale of two sisters. it's a kind of rich juicy look with high saturation and contrast (at least it looks like it is).

i'm in china right now so video instruction is a no no. (its banned, as is this site!! i can get to this but not video...) also i have an old version of after effects and no money for extra plugins, so please keep it no third party (or free 3rd party).

thanks in anticipation

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Scott Roberts
Re: Juicy Korean movie Colour
on Sep 25, 2010 at 3:43:59 am

Just looks like solid color correction to me. Make sure your levels are set right - move your levels adjustments around to get the right contrast based on your footage (while keeping things within limits for broadcast or whatever delivery you are doing). Bump saturation up a little... it's difficult to tell you how without seeing your source footage.

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Edward Collier
Re: Juicy Korean movie Colour
on Sep 25, 2010 at 2:49:38 pm

at the moment the footage hasn't been shot! :) i'm just noodling in preparation while i wait...
i've been using a still photograph from a camera with similar capabilities (i think)...
anyway, the difficulty is that in these korean films there seems to be higher saturation in just the greens and reds, so (for example) the green wallpaper looks lush and intense, and the red of blood looks vivid and pure (for want of a better word), whilst maintaining the skin tones to look normal... white highlights look proper white, (although) blacks look maybe a little green round the edges.
I've even tried using mattes to key in the desired colours, put them on seperate layers and colour them differently... apart from the workload it just ends up looking horrible!
a reasonable example of what i'm talking about is in this still from sympathy for lady vengance:

although that's mostly red (to the left) a bit of green is in the bottom right... unfortunately its not totally accurate to the colour from the film as in this shot the green is a little desaturated... but imagine it to be just as vivid as the red is. you will notice that her skin tone is completely normal, and although not many other colours are visible in this still, all the other colours except reds and greens look normal too.

for an example of the green i mean:
although this too is an imperfect example as more of the whole image is oversaturated than i really want. seems peoples screen grabs do not preserve the color that well...

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Edward Collier
Re: Juicy Korean movie Colour
on Sep 26, 2010 at 2:27:13 am

Aha! figured it out by myself!
if anyone's interested:
basically you use the hue saturation effect... select the channel control, push all cold colours towards green and warmer colours towards red, then boost the saturation and reduce the lightness of the red and green channels.
combine with a pushing of gamma to darker and there you have it!

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