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Logo appearing in pieces

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Robin Bigio
Logo appearing in pieces
on Jun 29, 2010 at 10:54:55 am

I have a logo made of small 'post-its'.

I would like to animate this by having the parts individually/randomly popping into the scene or flying into it.

The original artwork is an illustrator file with each letter on a layer - but i could have each post-it into a layer.

I can imagine a super labour intensive approach of importing each part and then animating it - but i was wondering if there was a smart way to go about it.

Maybe using particle systems?

Thanks for you help!


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Joseph W. Bourke
Re: Logo appearing in pieces
on Jun 29, 2010 at 2:09:29 pm

Hi Robin -

Shatter is one way to do it easily. Have all your pieces in a comp where the pieces are where you want them to be at the end of the animation. Drag that comp into a new comp and apply the Shatter effect, with a custom shatter map which is the layer you just brought in. If there is enough contrast between your layers, you should get a shatter that blows all your layers out/up. You can animate several elements in Shatter that will randomize things, and give you a highly controllable result (gravity, force, center point, etc.). If you don't want the layers to look 3D, just bring down the thickness setting. You can also control what is on the back and sides of the layers, if you want to.

The only glitch is that you will have to render out the comp, then play it backwards, as far as I remember. Have fun!

Joe Bourke
Creative Director / Multimedia Specialist
B&S Exhibits and Multimedia

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Kevin Camp
Re: Logo appearing in pieces
on Jun 29, 2010 at 2:40:32 pm

yep, shatter is a good place to start. you'll probably want to set the shape to squares and try to line that up with the post-its in you logo. if squares won't work you can try a custom shape, but that carries a non-aliased edge issue.

also, you can simply time reverse the layer to get ti to in reverse (layer>time>time reverse).

another good option is card dance, however your animation will be driven by layer maps, so if you haven't dealt much with compound effects, the learning curve is a bit steep... has several tutorials that use card dance and a few that use shatter, if you are interested.

Kevin Camp
Senior Designer

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Anders Hattne
Re: Logo appearing in pieces
on Jun 29, 2010 at 2:34:42 pm

I know two tutorials that could come in handy for you. One is by Harry Frank at Gray machine, called "reverse shatter" which basically uses an expression to distribute each layer to a random position and return it to its original position over time.

Or one from AEtuts called "Distribute Your Layers in 3D – Custom Effect" that uses a custom effect made by Rob Schofield.

Both are very useful techniques to learn!

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Robin Bigio
Re: Logo appearing in pieces
on Jun 29, 2010 at 4:15:05 pm

Great stuff! I've managed to do a very rough mockup using shatter -- and now i'm looking at the tutorial that is exactly what i'm after...



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