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Remaking music video 2Pac - Changes, having some problems.

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Nima Adil
Remaking music video 2Pac - Changes, having some problems.
on Jun 4, 2010 at 11:38:55 pm

Just joined here after having lurked around on the forums for a couple years. I need some help guys, I've recently started remaking the music video 2Pac - Changes. I need some help on how to be able to do some of the effects that are present in the video. I suppose it's not to hard because the video is from 1998, it must be much easier to make now right? :)

Ok, here's the music video:

My questions:

Main question: What video editing program shall I use for this? I'm fairly experienced in Cyberlink powerdirector and I know a little bit about After Effects, but I'm far from experienced in that haha. With Cyberlink Powerdirector I suppose I can compose the majority of the video(camera movements, zoom in/out, arranging video files) but some of the effect can't be made with that program. Now here's the questions I have;

1) You see that TV-effect at 0.07 seconds? How can I make that? I suppose it's a plug-in of some sort?

2) At 0:39, how did they manage to show the footage in Tupac's eye?

3) At 1:02, you see the ''mirror'' like effect with the images? How do I do that? As you can see it's used many times in the video and each time the pictures move into a different direction.

4) I've been trying to do this for hours but can't manage to do it. At 2:18 you see 2Pac standing with a little baby and he morphs into different positions. I already have the images ready but how can I morph them?

5) At 3:00, that huge TV-Wall, how can I do that?

Thanks in advance for anyone helping me out! All the people that help me out will get credit in the video. Most of the video I can make but these 5 points are just amazingly hard to do for me haha :)

- Nima

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john henry
Re: Remaking music video 2Pac - Changes, having some problems.
on Jun 5, 2010 at 11:24:47 am

I'm new at it myself but here goes nothing

1.its just like you said an effect or filter found in photoshop or AE. if you dont have it try googling it.

2. thats either a matte or garbage matte if you have final cut its in there like prego.

3. thats the mirror effect and usually you can make that effect start and end where you want it to ie. top bottom sides left right.

4. i saw a video tutorial here at the cow but i have yet to look at it myself, have at it and knock yourself out.

5. the tv wall is a video montage and the camera is simply tracking back away from it. that tutorial is called 3d photo montage also found here on the cow.

thats all i got good luck...... oh if you get something better i would like to know as well.

john henry
prince frog productions


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Nima Adil
Re: Remaking music video 2Pac - Changes, having some problems.
on Jun 5, 2010 at 5:52:47 pm

Thanks alot for the reply! :)

1) Alright I'll search for one, shouldn't be to hard to find I think :)

2) What do you mean with Matte and Garbage Matte? Also, I can't use Final Cut Pro cause I have a PC, not a Mac ;)

3) Alright, thanks. Now that I know which name to look for I'm sure I'll find one effect like that for after effects quick.

4) Can you link me up with the tutorial? I've tried to do this for hours but couldn't manage to do it haha.

5) Alright, I almost got it myself. I created a composition and aligned all the footage into the comp. But the only problem is that once I start using the camera it goes wrong. I want it to start being zoomed in fully on one video and then zoom out to unveal the rest. But once I zoom in the quality of that video is horrible. How large should I make my comp? I was using the 1280x720 resolution but obviously that's not gonna work very good haha.

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Todd Kopriva
Re: Remaking music video 2Pac - Changes, having some problems.
on Jun 6, 2010 at 8:55:18 pm

First of all, I strongly recommend that you start here: "Getting started with After Effects"

Regarding some of your specific questions:

Masks and mattes: You can draw a mask on a layer to let other layers show through it. See "About masks". A matte is a separate layer that you can use to do the same sort of thing; a matte layer can define transparency for another layer. See "Track mattes and traveling mattes". These are both basic tools of compositing. You should read up on compositing in general: "Compositing overview and resources".

That "mirror" result that you mention is just two copies of the same layer, with one flipped, and then the two layers are blended together.

Todd Kopriva, Adobe Systems Incorporated
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