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looking for advice on best export settings for a project

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andy steele
looking for advice on best export settings for a project
on Mar 12, 2010 at 8:56:17 pm

Hi guys - thx for any help in advance!

Im doing a 1280x720 animation to be played on a 42" display at a trade show. Using RG 3d assistants(plane space) to set up and do a bunch of fly bys of customer logos. The look has a lot of gradients for horizon so obviously Im running up against banding - Ive used the noise trick to some success. and will be fine I think - But what Im really curious about is doing this in a 10-bit space. When I switch project settings > video for windows > 10-bit YUV... the piece instantly smooths out (I understand why this happens) but how to work with and export in a playable format. Can anyone elaborate on a) given the usage if this piece is it even something to consider/appropriate b) what's the best way to go about? Need a codec for AE and a decompresser for playback...right? ; ) kinda limping through this stuff so any explanation as to why what how would really appreciated.

Other details - the client will be driving the display with a windows machine and using windows media player and a playlist to loop this piece in with a bunch of other videos..

thx a bunch!

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Michael Szalapski
Re: looking for advice on best export settings for a project
on Mar 12, 2010 at 10:41:45 pm

I've not gotten to deal with odd color spaces yet, but you might want to read this from Dave LaRonde:
Dave's Stock Answer #3:

Don't use AE to compress files for final delivery. The various compressors are there only to make quick 'n dirty files showing a project's progress to producers, clients, the kids, etc. AE is incapable of doing multipass encoding, a crucial feature that greatly improves the image quality of H.264 and MPEG-type files in particular.

Render a high-quality file from AE, and use a different application to do the compression. Popular ones are Adobe Media Encoder, Sorenson Squeeze and Apple's Compressor, which comes bundled with Final Cut Suite. Even compressing in Quicktime Pro is better than compressing in AE.

Making good-looking compressed files is almost as much an art as it is a science. It is NOT straightforward at all. I recommend asking a few questions at the COW's Compression Techniques forum.

- The Great Szalam
(The 'Great' stands for 'Not So Great, in fact, Extremely Humble')

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