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after effects won't open

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joe homokay
after effects won't open
on Mar 2, 2010 at 3:48:29 am

When AECS4 is opening it stops and gives me 4 error messages in a row. Then gives me the option of saving my project which it just opened then it quits.

These are the 4 error messages in the order they appear.

"After Effects has encountered an error.


After Effects can't continue: An output contract
violation has occurred!

After Effects warning: Failed to initialize

After Effects warning: MediaCore is not correctly

I used adobe cleaner and uninstalled the entire Master Collection that this came in and reinstalled twice and it still does the same thing. The other adobe applications work fine.

MacPro 2nd Generation 8-core 2.8ghz
4gb ram
ATI Radeon HD 2600

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Kevin Camp
Re: after effects won't open
on Mar 2, 2010 at 12:52:51 pm

[joe homokay] "Then gives me the option of saving my project which it just opened then it quits."

can you open just ae, without opening a project? if so, can you create a new project, save it and open the new one?

if you can open the new project, try opening the problematic project after launching ae and with the caps lock key on. if it opens, unlock the caps lock. if it crashes, you probably have a bad effect in the comp...

the first thing i'd try is to open ae, get into preferences>previews and disable opengl (uncheck the option to use opengl accleration). also, fo the sake of troubleshooting, go to preferences>multiprocessing and uncheck the option to render multiple frames simultaneously.

open the project and see if ae crashes.

if it does, then turn on caps lock again and open the project. with caps lock on, go through the comp and disable all the effects (in the switches panel for each layer, there is a switch with 'fx' above it, click all those to disable any effects on the layers.

then turn caps lock off and start enabling the fx switch for each layer one by one, take note of the layer that crashes ae. you'll need to got back to that layer with caps lock on and figure out which effect is bad, remove it and save. then try placing the effect back in, find a replacement or live without it. if it is a third-party effect, make sure you have the latest version of the effect.

Kevin Camp
Senior Designer

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joe homokay
Re: after effects won't open
on Mar 2, 2010 at 5:58:44 pm

Thanks Kevin,

Unfortunately I can't open AE at all. I tried the caps lock trick. The project I was referring to was being opened by AE just because it was the last one I was working on. It's not a big complex project either. AE just opens, gives me those error messages and then closes. I can't access any menus.

I deleted every plugin.
I even deleted the openGL plugin.

The problem did happen after I installed a new plugin but after all the steps i've taken already I have no clue what to do. I'm gonna try reinstalling OSX then reinstall Adobe Master Collection again to see if that works.

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Kevin Camp
Re: after effects won't open
on Mar 2, 2010 at 11:21:53 pm

did the effect have an uninstaller? it may be that it installed a file someplace that the adobe uninstaller is not removing, and thus not eliminating the issue. hopefully the effect's uninstaller would remove all traces of the install.

if you do an osx reinstall, do a clean install and don't migrate. this would be to try and insure that any bad/conflicting file doesn't persist or migrate.

Kevin Camp
Senior Designer

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David Shough
Re: after effects won't open
on Mar 10, 2010 at 8:35:58 pm

Same problem, solved with this info from the Adobe forum:

"Ok, I've had this same problem. I think I know what the solution is. When I got the error the first time, it was after installing plugins on a computer that had previously worked fine when opening AE. What I did was open: /Library/Application Support/Adobe/Common/Plug-ins/CS4/MediaCore and removed all of the contents and put them in a temporary folder on the desktop. After that AE opened fine. From there, just keep adding your plugins back to MediaCore one by one and find out which one made the application startup error."

Thanks JakeBerube for this info.

Following his procedure, I narrowed the causes of my crashes in AE CS4 to the three plugins that comprise Red Giant Software's Warp. Removing them from the MediaCore folder solved the problem.
I am using the latest version of the plugins, and have contacted Red Giant. No resolution yet, but at least my three days of agony (and endless reinstalls) is over!

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Ca`Dien Christie
Re: after effects won't open
on Apr 12, 2010 at 2:14:01 pm


jus got in office and since friday and i did a system update .... im on a late 2009 imac ... AE wouldnt open ... i browsed online and i found that AE needed to be updated to and that the mac software update would think that AE needed ROSETTA to work ... so i intalled rosetta from my OSX CD and did the ADOBE UPDATE and it opened but then i had the CHINCHILLADA error and i went to the MEDIA CORE folder and did wat DAVID said .... GOOD 2 GO!!! THANKS ALOT!!

PS .. my error was caused but Looks3_AE.plugin .. in the MB Looks folder

Ca` Dien Kae'Lehm Kashief Christie, ( I.Am.The.Kritik )
Creative Director
Kreative Adrenaline Overflow : ARTS

BlackBerry : 21BAB467
iChat/AIM : iamthekritik

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Aidan Wood
Re: after effects won't open
on May 14, 2010 at 2:15:51 pm

Same here on the same system (late 2009 imac). Tried to install trial version of Warp. Browned my pants a little as suddenly ae would not start. Removed warp. Works fine again.

Would love to try out warp though, any (simple) solutions?

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Dave LaRonde
Re: after effects won't open
on May 14, 2010 at 3:01:16 pm

[Aidan Wood] "Would love to try out warp though, any (simple) solutions?"

How 'bout the tryout version of AE 10? It MIGHT contain Freeform, a plugin from DigiEffects now included in the latest version. It can warp AE layers in 3D space.

Adobe usually does NOT include such things in tryout versions; you'd have to check. And your iMac may be a little underpowered to take advantage of it, anyway. Since iMacs max out at 16 GB RAM, you'll certainly be light on memory.

Dave LaRonde
Sr. Promotion Producer
KCRG-TV (ABC) Cedar Rapids, IA

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Nick Ligonis
Re: after effects won't open
on Oct 8, 2010 at 7:57:05 pm

Thank you so much! I was getting a similar error and this saved my butt!

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Matthias Schäfer
Re: after effects won't open
on Apr 10, 2011 at 11:23:47 pm

i got the same problem with AE cs5. moving the plugins from the mediacore folder didn't work for me. any other ideas what the problem could be?

it occurred after re-installing the whole os x (no imaging) and the master collection. before that the whole cs5 worked. i tried it with and without all adobe updates.

i reinstalled AE, deleted plugins and reinstalled them, too. all other applications work except AE. the AE render engine opens but not the main program.

somewhere an error about the workspace xml occured but only once. i also moved the xml out of the folder but it didn't help.

i also deleted the opengl plugin but it didn't work either. i opened the render engine and activated/deactivated the opengl use. nothing. i used onyx to clear the adobe font cache. nothing again. i also tried several restarts between the tests. still nothing.

AE jumps up and down in the dock a few times and that's it. it doesn't even make it to the purple start screen.

i don't know what else to do.

macbook pro
4gb ram
geforce 8600mgt 512mg
os x snow leopard 10.6.7

thanks for your help!!

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ashenafi hadera
Re: after effects won't open
on May 24, 2011 at 3:57:03 pm

it is working.i removed all an compateble plugin then it is working properly.

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