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Stability of Boris Filters on our system in question

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Martin Jordan
Stability of Boris Filters on our system in question
on Feb 14, 2010 at 3:10:10 am

We bought both FEC & BCC complete from Boris a couple of months ago ($1,000.00) and have had just a series of problems. We are very concious of always staying on top of the latest updates, keeping a clean drive, plenty of RAM, keeping our build files in AE as clean and uncluttered as possible, closing other programs that aren't necessary when running AE etc., etc. We've used MAC's for 20 yrs. and we know how to maximize app's to run at their best.

Every time we turn around we get either an error message, a kernal crash or something. We have a ton of other 3rd party filters and I can say confidently I don't remember ever having a problem with any of them (unless we mix it with a Boris filter)

These 2 filter packages just continue to give us problems and we're wondering if it's just us or do you all experience the same kind of problems?

Sure would like your feedback on this question.

Quad-Core, 2.93GHz, OS 10.6.2, 32GB Ram, 4TB RAID Externaal, 4TB Internal, ATI Radeon HD 4870 graphics card, FCP Studio 7, AE 9.0.2, Boris BCC, FEC, CoreMelt 2, FxFactory Pro 2, idustrial revolution Volumetrix, Yanobox Motype, Squeeze for the Web, MacBook Pro (MBP) 2.6 GHz, Panasonic HPX300 Video Camera.
The entire Adobe Creative Suite 4, Design Premium.
Owner of Full Graphics Design Firm Houston, Tx 20 yrs.
Mac user since 1988.

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David Johnson
Re: Stability of Boris Filters on our system in question
on Feb 14, 2010 at 4:33:09 am

I've run both BCC and the BorisFX version of FEC from their first versions to date on several different Macs and several different Win machines for quite a few years now, as well as many other Boris products such as Red, Blue, etc. With that said, I've always considered Boris AE plugins among the most reliable, consistent, and well-written plugin packages available for AE.

That's not to say the issues can't be related to Boris plugins ... from your description, it sounds like they are. Perhaps there's something specific about your system that's causing some sort of conflict with one of the Boris install components that all of their plugins share ... unlike some AE plugins, Boris products seem to install stuff other than just the AEX files, which I assume is what gives them the unique user interfaces, extra features, etc.

One of the things I like about using plugin packages from the well-established plugin developers like BorisFX that have been making AE plugins a very long time is that they tend to have much better support than the one-offs and that has in fact been my experience with Boris on the rare occasions I needed support from them. So, that's my two cents as to whether what you're experiencing is common with Boris products and I'm sure others will chime in ... from there, I'd say get on Boris support and ride them until you get a solution. It may take a little time since it may not be a common issue they face, but your description articulates very well that you're not some college kid running a hacked version of their plugins on a 15 year old laptop to make YouTube videos so I would guess that they'll work with you until they resolve the issue.

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Scott Morrison
Re: Stability of Boris Filters on our system in question
on Feb 14, 2010 at 5:49:20 pm

I've had several render-time crashes with BCC v6.0, and although I think their plugins are, for the most part, stable, when things such as Bump Maps are used, there seem to be more problems. At this point, I see that anything which relies on OpenGL heavily may be less stable. I have a quad-core Windows 7 machine, however the OpenGL code between Mac and Windows versions may be similar.

No soultion except as the previous poster said, ride them until a solution is found.

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