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Cesc Lopz
After Effects: AEGP Plugin Plugin E/S half:
on Jan 24, 2010 at 11:37:35 am


I´m rendering a Comp. with the next characteristics:

1920 x 1080 pixels
Format output: WMV
Bits Velocity: Variable
Quality: 100

It´s a 6:32 min Comp. and, when the render is aprox. 50% appears this message

After Effects: AEGP Plugin Plugin E/S half:
MediaIO2 error 0x4
There is not enough memory to complete this encoding

I´m from Mexico and the dialogues are in Spanish but the translation I guess it´s something like that..

Please, Can help me? I´m desperate cause everything was fine until I reinstalled my AECS3 and I installed the Nucleo Pro Plugin. I don´t really know if this error is related with my problem, I just comment.

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Walter Soyka
Re: After Effects: AEGP Plugin Plugin E/S half:
on Jan 24, 2010 at 6:19:16 pm

We'd need a lot more information on your system before we could offer any concrete suggestions as to what the cause of the problem might be.

How much RAM do you have? AE needs lots of RAM, so if you've got less than 4 GB, or if you're running 32-bit Windows, you should turn multiprocessing off in AE and Nucleo Pro.

In general, you should avoid source footage with interframe compression (this includes, but is not limited to, HDV footage and WMV, MP4, MPG, and M2V files). You should transcode them to something that uses intraframe compression (this includes, but is not limited to, uncompressed AVI and Quicktime with Motion-JPG or PNG compression) before bringing them into AE.

You should also avoid using AE to do your final compression; it's incapable of multi-pass encoding, so it doesn't make great WMV or h264 files. You should use the render queue to create a lossless file from AE, and then compress that file in a program like Squeeze, Episode, Compressor, ProCoder, or even the free Windows Media Encoder for WMV on PC.

See this post from Dave LaRonde for more on these two topics.

Walter Soyka
Principal & Designer at Keen Live
Motion Graphics, Widescreen Events, Presentation Design, and Consulting
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Cesc Lopz
Re: After Effects: AEGP Plugin Plugin E/S half:
on Jan 26, 2010 at 4:18:14 am

OK. Sorry..

This are My PC characteristics...

32 bits Windows Xp
Intel Pentium Dual CPU E2160 @1.81 Ghz
I have 3.2 Gb RAM

I didn´t mention nothing about this cause I worked with a smaller RAM before, in fact, I made 3 videos all in youtube web site...
first rendering in format Quicktime Movie MPEG4 100% quality...and then compressing with format WMV 9 advance profile
velocity variable, 100% quality; everything without Nucleo Plugin...

I repeat...There was not any error message before format (delete) my pc

*****I think that the problem is the AECS3 memory and cache preferences*****

Then I formated(?)(Sorry but I don´t a 100 percent english speaker) my pc and install the Nucleo Plugin
with a new 3.2 Gb RAM (Before I used 1.2 Gb RAM and no problems appears)...

I used Nucleo Pro just for check the render velocity but I don´t see difference with and without the plugin..

At this point appears the error message...

So, I decided not use Nucleo Pro, even I uninstalled it.... and Trying again with AE render queue the error appears
one more time
The settings in Memory and cache preferences are...

Maximum Memory Usage ________________ 120%
Maximum RAM Cache Size_______________ 70%
Maximum Disk Cache Size______________ 8000 Mb (Will be this parameter the problem?)

I tried to modify the 120 % maximum memory usage preferences. I read the advice about modify the Windows RAM configuration for more
than 2 Gb of physical memory installed... but I didn´t change the 120%
My PC> System properties> advance options> virtual memory> change>

c: available space 20Gb aprox

minimum_______________2 Mb
recommended___________4990 Mb
currently actually____3200 Mb


If you can tell me also the best way to render video with AE for youtube I will appreciate your support a lot...This is the
origin of everything.... Cause the HD comp. in MPEG4 Quicktime movie format size is 5 Gb aprox for 5 minutes or more of
videoclip and youtube only allows 2 Gb size max....

This is the reason why I´m using WMV 9 advance profile Format....and even that, the quality is not good unless you click the
HD button, but requieres a long time to be able to see

Here a sample of my comps.

***Thank you for everything and sorry for my grammatical mistakes****

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