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After effects cs3 full res render/preview problems

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Robin Burrows
After effects cs3 full res render/preview problems
on Nov 29, 2009 at 12:34:12 am

Hi All,
Im having a very anoying problem with AE CS3 and have been going round in circles for ages.

I have a sequence Im making. Its a map flickering under candle light with a line drawing progressively as a stroke around the map and spots appearing where things happen in the film.

What is happening is that if I put the resolution/downconvert click box to full it renders the line stroke to a point then stops keeps following the line with the camera then picks it up again further round the circuit and carries on.
If I drag the timeline marker around it shows the path/stroke going everywhere and the red line following it but when I leave it still it only redraws the bits as above around part of the circuit.

The map is huge 3000 pixels square or more but I am only viewing the project resolution of SD PAL widescreen. The idea is that I could draw my path over the whole map but only view a small area close in and the camera would follow the path as the line draws over that path. A Light follows this also.There is no video at all in this its just a map animation.

It works fine at half or quarter resolution and also works fine if I disable the camera and turn off all the 3d boxes to make it 2d with no camera but this means I cant use the camera in 3d to angle the map and twist around etc.

My computer is a 2.6GHZ pentium core 2 duo with 4 GB of RAM an ATI radeon mobile 4570 graphics card with 512 MB and 500GB of hard drive space.
I have tried rendering it and it still seems to do the same.
Any one know why or how to fix it?
Thankyou so much its a real pain.

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Robin Burrows
Re: After effects cs3 full res render/preview problems
on Nov 29, 2009 at 12:44:23 am

Its almost like there is a box on the screen where its not rendering the mask/stroke at full res but the mask is the same size as the map and the path/stroke goes where it should.

As mentioned when I drag the time line position marker the red line follows the path perfectly all round the map and the camera and lights follow but if I stop and let go the red line is only on part of the path/stroke.

Its almost like the bottom half of the path wont stroke.

What I have done is import the map I drew in photoshop.
make a solid the same size, draw my path with the pen tool then apply stroke effect and use timeline keyframes to whow start and stop.
the map pic is about 4.5 MB nothing else in the program.
If it will handle HD video why not a 5MB pic!?
Whats th emax size for a solid with path on? Is there something I should do differently?

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Todd Kopriva
Re: After effects cs3 full res render/preview problems
on Nov 29, 2009 at 2:53:04 am

If you upload your project, I'll have a look.

Todd Kopriva, Adobe Systems Incorporated
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Robin Burrows
Re: After effects cs3 full res render/preview problems
on Nov 29, 2009 at 10:50:11 am

Thankyou how do I upload a whole project?

It seems to me that it is not drawing the red line on it below a certain point even though the mask is big enough and the path shows the red line along it if I move the timeline marker. as soon as the path comes above it again it starts to draw. Also where it stops it just leaves a flat edge as though its been cut with scissors.

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