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UPS Whiteboard/Story of Stuff - recreation?

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Charles FerranUPS Whiteboard/Story of Stuff - recreation?
by on Nov 22, 2009 at 2:28:47 am

Hello everyone! I have a client who wants to mimic the UPS Whiteboard commercials, or the video at that style, its clean, lines that create over time, and moving animations. any ideas how I could pull something like that off? any plug-ins that might help? I would love to figure out how they do the lines that are moving all the time, like in the storyofstuff's video I love that style! Any suggestions?

As always, thanks!

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Charles FerranRe: UPS Whiteboard/Story of Stuff - recreation?
by on Nov 23, 2009 at 2:24:59 am

ehh, to be a little more clear as to what I'm asking for, what would be the best method for creating 'always wiggling a little bit' lines and basic drawing type stuff. Up until now if I wanted something to draw out I would use an animated mask, is there an easier way? or different way?

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anita sanchaRe: UPS Whiteboard/Story of Stuff - recreation?
by on Nov 23, 2009 at 6:41:23 am


I've been wondering how this has been done for a long time now. I think it may have been done using Corel Painters scripting method. Basically everything you draw is saved and a movie is made of the played back movie and exported. It has bugs i.e sometimes it glitches and does not work, so I had hopes AE or Photoshop would have had something similar. If you find out please let me know. I bought the latest version of painter to do this, as I understand the scripting is better in v11.

However I bought this up before in this forum ( and the main problem is that its not easy to see what you draw as there are no transparent layer over the paint viewer when you draw to reference the previous line painted, so I think the only solution is to draw the whole thing in Photoshop and the stroke delete then reverse the whole animation, if you see what I mean.

Then there is the old method of stop motion filming......

Thanks for all your help
Anita Sancha.

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Charles FerranRe: UPS Whiteboard/Story of Stuff - recreation?
by on Nov 23, 2009 at 3:12:46 pm

I must have asked a scary question cuz no one wants to try and answer! thanks Anita for your response, I can't believe there isn't a plug-in that would allow you to do something like that. The only other method I can think of is using AE's built in drawing effect where you draw with the mouse, saw it in college and never used it again, guess I'll have to animate it with masks and Illustrator *sigh... when I'm a business owner, and rich enough to produce a plug-in, I'll create one for this effect :)

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