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Conflict between Avid Liquid and Adobe AE

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Derek LangfordConflict between Avid Liquid and Adobe AE
by on Nov 19, 2009 at 9:54:47 am

There appears to be a conflict between Liquid and Adobe After Effects(AE).

When I open the two programmes in the same session dependant on which programme I open first it appears to effect the operation of the other programme.

The conflict takes the form that say Liquid is opened first that when AE is opened there is a limit on what I can do with AE the most obvious is that if I wish to reposition or resize a layer in AE the programme will only allow small changes in the size / position, which are in the order of say 3 -5% of the picture size / position. In addition I get error messages that indicate issues with the Open GL operation.

When I reverse the sitiuation and open AE first then Liquid I am having similar issues where on some occasions in the 2D Editor I cannot alter or move the clip in the editor window to complete the required alterations also having made a change and closing the 2D editor window the clip shows as a yellow slice which will not render even if I open the render window and then stop / restart he render process.

The only way I can get the programmes to operate correctly is to reboot the machine which as I use both programmes constantly this becomes a bit of an issue and a time wasting operation.

Until I have loaded the CS 3 programmes I have had no issues running previous versions of AE and Liquid on the same PC.

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Todd MorganRe: Conflict between Avid Liquid and Adobe AE
by on Nov 19, 2009 at 3:33:11 pm

Have you checked if there are updates for your display driver? You mentioned OPEN GL... have you tried turning it off in AE, restart AE, and then open Liquid?

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Derek LangfordRe: Conflict between Avid Liquid and Adobe AE
by on Nov 27, 2009 at 12:30:32 pm

After a short delay I have now updated the drivers for my graphics card (NVIDIA GEForce 7600 GT) restarted the machine and turned the OenGL fuction back, on the conflict still exists!!

Without the OpenGL function operable the AE programme appears to operate OK but what am I loosing by having this function switched off?


Derek Langford

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