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[AE CS4] Time remapping - advanced

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Maurito Zarate[AE CS4] Time remapping - advanced
by on Nov 16, 2009 at 11:02:00 am

[AE CS4] Time remapping - advanced

Hallo guys,
i've a clip and I'd like to aplly NOT just ONE but many time change (Ralenty, Accelerated, Freeze, etc.).
My problems come when I apply many time remap: the clip changes evrerytime i change time remap value (bette, everytime I add a new ralenty, a new accelerated, and so on...).

What i'd like to make:
I need the first 10 seconds normally played, than I'd like to accelerate until 20 second where I've another part of the clip that i want to to play normally. At 30 seconds i'd like to ralenty until 35 seconds and than return again to normally velocity... and so on. So i cant ESTABLISH pre-emptively where start and end the parts accelerated or in ralenty (In and Out point) but when i apply Time_remap the clip stracht and all my In - Out point became not more good. i've thought maybe is a good solution cut every clip everytime thetime changes but I don't know if is there a better solutions...

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Dave LaRondeRe: [AE CS4] Time remapping - advanced
by on Nov 16, 2009 at 4:02:00 pm

Before you start moving keyframes around, do yourself a favor: put markers on the footage (asterisk key on numeric keypad) at every point the timing needs to change. Then make the time remapping keyframes.

To freeze time, you obviously need to make two keyframes, both of the identical value. The first one freezes the motion, the second marks where the motion resumes. Only then should you move them around. If you mess up, you can simply disable then re-enable time remapping and start over again -- you have markers on the footage for easy reference, remember?

Dave LaRonde
Sr. Promotion Producer
KCRG-TV (ABC) Cedar Rapids, IA

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Maurito ZarateRe: [AE CS4] Time remapping - advanced
by on Nov 18, 2009 at 7:58:48 am

Hi Dave,
I've still FCP 6.0 version... and in Viewer/Motion(tab)/Time Remmapping you can NON put keyframes...
In new version FCP 7.0 there is a new tool Speed in place of Time Remapping and finally IS ABLE ti put key frames!

But now I've the FCP (6.0.6) old version...
I've tryed to put Markers in every point where the time changes but than ... i

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