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after effects can't continue, after effects has crashed, (0:42)

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Sumit Mehta
after effects can't continue, after effects has crashed, (0:42)
on Nov 7, 2009 at 7:25:31 am

ok, so i have a massive project for my school's graduation, wokred on it for over 100 hours, when it was done handed it in to the school. and moved all my files for that project onto a portable hard drive. now i need to change some parts of the video as a second assignment, and it will be shown at my school's graduation. but when i load the project, i have to reload all the footage in the library since it was all moved, whenever i do this, i get the error - after effects can't continue, after effects has crashed, (0:42)

sometimes, it doesnt even say the error and just immediately says "after effects has crashed, windows is attempting to find a solutio to the problem" whenever i try reloading the footage.

this isnt the only project that stuffs up - for the whole movie i have about 3-4 projects and whenever i try load footage i get those errors, but on one of the projects i also get this before it pops the 0:42 error message
"After Effects Error - Crash in progress. last logged message was:
<21576><2> rect t:0.000000 I:0.000000 w:0.000000 h:-73.000000

this is when i reload footage in the library aswell.

any help would be VERY GREATLY appreciated heaps, i have already tried moving the source files back onto my computer off the portable hard drive, re-installing AE, deleting the after effects 9.0 folder in appdata, and right about now i'm pretty lost.

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David Johnson
Re: after effects can't continue, after effects has crashed, (0:42)
on Nov 7, 2009 at 4:08:35 pm

Unfortunately, 0:42 in particular is one of the most unexplained errors I've ever encountered in AE. I haven't seen it in quite a while, but the few times that I did it was always after I had made some significant change to my AE system that created some sort of conflict with AE.

The first thing I'd try is loading my most recent backup copy of the project in case the project file itself became corrupt as a result of whatever happened. If you don't have backup copies, you might consider adding that step to your workflow going forward.

Next, try starting a new AE project and importing the problematic project into it with things like previews and third-party plugins disabled ... I don't recall the shortcuts for those off-hand, but I'm sure they're in the manual.

And, if you've recently installed any new software (particularly video-related) or made some sort of change to the core system, you might try reverting back to the state the system was at when you created the project.

And, since it sounds like you're a student, I'll also mention that, even more important than any effect, etc. you learn to do in AE, you might consider always using a multiple safeguard workflow the most important thing you ever learn about working in AE (or any media software, for that matter) ... as Dave L. says, save and backup your work like people vote in Chicago ... early and often.

I hope this helps.

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Sumit Mehta
Re: after effects can't continue, after effects has crashed, (0:42)
on Nov 8, 2009 at 3:37:43 am

thanks for your response

i tried using one of my backups and autosaves, it does the exact same thing, sometimes without even the error message windows just says its stoped working
the videos load up in the library, but as soon as they're loaded, it dies.

did the importing thing with all 3rd patry effects uninstalled importing it into the new project, still no luck

there havent been any major changes with this computer recently, but i uninstalled every one of my video codecs (DIvx, Vidx etc) and still does the saem thing even after re-installing AE again.

i have also tried everything on the adobe website, still nothing =[

if anyone else has any ideas, i'd really appreciate any help

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Ashwani Sharma
Re: after effects can't continue, after effects has crashed, (0:42)
on Nov 8, 2009 at 7:45:56 am

Please try to render individual composition one by one. Once I had the similar problem. I created AVI files for individual composition and everything was fine till I get the real culprit to be the less Hard Disk Space. However I completed my video by importing and rearranging all the AVI files in AE CS4 and creating the final AVI file. Good Luck.

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David Johnson
Re: after effects can't continue, after effects has crashed, (0:42)
on Nov 13, 2009 at 12:57:45 am

If you haven't found a solution yet, give all the details you can ...

What kinds of files are you trying to reload? File format? Codec?

Do you have any issues when you start a new project and import the same files? What about importing different files?

What version of AE are you using? And, have you installed the latest updates for it?

Unfortunately, the kind of issue you're having is very difficult to diagnose without seeing first hand everything that could be affecting AE and/or the specific project or files.

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