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Lighting within a 3d pre-comp

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ollie sim
Lighting within a 3d pre-comp
on Oct 28, 2009 at 10:04:12 pm

Is it possible to have the lighting effect working within a 3d pre-comp while inside another comp with collapse transformations and 3D layer on? When I add 3d layer its okay but as soon as I select collapse transformation I lose all the lighting I added in the precomp. any suggestions.

thanks :)

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david bogie
Re: Lighting within a 3d pre-comp
on Oct 29, 2009 at 7:03:51 pm

I can send you to the manual, pasted below. The last two paragraphs are important but I do not know if they pertain to your situation.
Some effects and masks prevent the underlying lighting information form moving upstream.


Collapsing transformations
If the Collapse Transformations switch is selected for a nested composition, then the transformations for the nested composition are not performed until after the masks and effects for the containing composition are rendered. This render order allows the transformations for the nested composition and the containing composition to be combined—or collapsed—and performed together. The same is true for vector layers that are not continuously rasterized.

Note: Instead of a Collapse Transformations switch, vector layers have a Continuously Rasterize switch in the same location. Vector layers include shape layers, text layers, and layers with vector graphic files as the source footage. Text layers and shape layers are always continuously rasterized.
Collapsing transformations can, for example, preserve resolution when a layer is scaled down by half in a nested composition, and the nested composition is scaled up by a factor of two in the containing composition. In this case, rather than performing both transformations and losing image data in the process, one transformation can be performed—doing nothing, because the individual transformations cancel each other.

If transformations are not collapsed, a nested composition that contains 3D layers is rendered as a 2D image of the 3D arrangement, using the default composition camera. This rendering prevents the nested composition from intersecting with 3D layers, casting shadows on 3D layers, and receiving shadows from 3D layers in the containing composition. The nested composition is also not controlled by the cameras and lights of the containing composition.

If transformations are collapsed, the 3D properties of the layers in the nested composition are exposed to the containing composition. Thus, the nested composition can intersect with 3D layers, cast shadows on 3D layers, and receive shadows from 3D layers in the containing composition. The containing composition's camera and lights can also control the nested composition.

Essentially, collapsing transformations for a nested composition tells After Effects to not flatten and crop the layers in the precomposition. Because an adjustment layer operates on the composite of all of the layers beneath it within the same composition, an adjustment layer within a nested composition with collapsed transformations will force the flattening and cropping that collapsing transformations would normally prevent.

When a closed mask (with mask mode other than None), a layer style, or an effect is applied to a nested composition with collapsed transformations, the layers in the nested composition are first rendered on their own, then masks and effects are applied, and then the result is composited into the main composition. This rendering order means that the blending modes of the nested layers are not applied to any underlying layers in the main composition, and that 3D layers above and below the collapsed layer cannot intersect or cast shadows on each other.

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Roland R. Kahlenberg
Re: Lighting within a 3d pre-comp
on Oct 30, 2009 at 10:07:16 am

Try making the Light Layer(s) in the precomp into an Adjustment Light layer.


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