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Parenting certain values

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Rihards OlmanisParenting certain values
by on Oct 27, 2009 at 3:59:27 pm


Is it possible (and if it is, then how) to parent only some values (like position, rotation) not whole layer with all its features?

EXAMPLE: I have shot a video, where 4 persons are stretching a blanket. Each of them is holding their own corner of the blanket. At first they are really close together, after couple of seconds they are approx 2 meters from each other. I tracked all these corners (their hands) and have the Tracker1 in my video with four track points. Went over them - all fine. Now I want to insert a picture as if it was on the blanket. I placed the picture as it should be in the beginning of the video - using Corner Pin tool for it.

THE QUESTION: Can I parent somehow the x and y of each track point from the video to the x and y of each Corner pin from the picture? Or it is not so simple.

PS. As you noticed from this post, I am really a beginner in AE, but I have just registered here to solve my problem and I would be glad if someone could help. Thanks!

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Tony SilvaRe: Parenting certain values
by on Oct 27, 2009 at 4:33:40 pm

there is a corner pin tracking option, so you coulda just used that in the first place. But you can also be able to link the values via an expression.

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Rihards OlmanisRe: Parenting certain values
by on Oct 27, 2009 at 10:53:57 pm

I have AE 6.5, so my corner pin dont have tracking options.

But using expressions the same point has different values (for tracker it is 337,1 , 272,4 , but for corner the same point is 173,0 , 253,0)

why it is like that? And can I for example type in the expression something like xpos=(allthetrack point 1 data bla bla)-164,1) and ypos=(the same track point2 bla bla) - 19,6)

would it work (of course If I dont type bla, bla, but all the long text thats in there)?

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