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CS3 Keeps Crashing While It Renders More Than 10 Comps

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Benny Stracey
CS3 Keeps Crashing While It Renders More Than 10 Comps
on Oct 7, 2009 at 2:52:22 pm

I render out a lot of comps like about 17 at once, well not at once but i add 17 to the render queue.

Im rendering it out as a quick time movie with H.264 compression type.

It renders out between 1-4 and then crashes, im having to start it up again and continue from where i left off and then the rest of the comps render out without any problems.

If it helps im running Windows XP, Pentium 4 3.00 GHz, 1GB RAM

I have a feeling it might be using up to much RAM at one point and then crash. Im not running any other programs at the time. This is the only thing i can think of causing the problem, but once i restart AE CS3 it can render out 10 comps fine?

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Dave LaRonde
Re: CS3 Keeps Crashing While It Renders More Than 10 Comps
on Oct 7, 2009 at 4:02:44 pm

[Benny Stracey] "...If it helps im running Windows XP, Pentium 4 3.00 GHz, 1GB RAM..."

... and you're trying to do HD to boot, right? Please say no.

The info above helped a lot. That fossil machine is the root of your problems. If getting a new one is out of the question, you must at least max out the RAM: you need 4GB. With 1GB, you barely have enough RAM to run the operating system and AE at the same time.

I don't know if you have a hot video card in your machine, but don't try to use Open GL to speed up your rendering. It does more harm than good... so much harm that the guys at Adobe don't use Open GL when they render.

And whatever you do, forget about rendering H.264 in AE. That codec's there only to make quickie files so people can view your progress on a project. AE can't do multipass encoding, which REALLY improves image quality in H.264. Render out of AE using a lossless codec or uncompressed... and let something ELSE make an H.264 copy.

And if you really are trying to do HD just 'cause it's cool, you should also read this:

Dave's Stock Answer #1:

If the footage you imported into AE is any kind of the following -- footage in an HDV acquisition codec, MPEG1, MPEG2, mp4, m2t, H.261 or H.264 -- you need to convert it to a different codec.

These kinds of footage use temporal, or interframe compression. They have keyframes at regular intervals, containing complete frame information. However, the frames in between do NOT have complete information. Interframe codecs toss out duplicated information.

In order to maintain peak rendering efficiency, AE needs complete information for each and every frame. But because these kinds of footage contain only partial information, AE freaks out, resulting in a wide variety of problems.

Dave LaRonde
Sr. Promotion Producer
KCRG-TV (ABC) Cedar Rapids, IA

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Kevin Camp
Re: CS3 Keeps Crashing While It Renders More Than 10 Comps
on Oct 7, 2009 at 11:19:08 pm

i agree with dave, you should try to get more ram, 4gb is the amx you can use with 32-bit xp, but that will help keep ae running smoothly.

and, as dave says, you should avoid rendering to h.264 from ae. you will get better image quality if you can use a compression utility to do that type of encoding. mpeg streamclip is free and multi-platform and creates good movs and mp4s using the h.264 codec, but there are others out there too.

however, since you said that if you restart ae you are able to render 10 comps with no crashes, you might try choosing edit>purge>all prior to rendering. that will clear out all the caches to give ae a 'clean start' before for rendering.

Kevin Camp
Senior Designer

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Benny Stracey
Re: CS3 Keeps Crashing While It Renders More Than 10 Comps
on Oct 9, 2009 at 6:17:22 am

lol well im not deliberately trying to render out in HD haha

Doing a purge before each render queue sounds like a great idea :)

I should get a new machine soon, lol yes i know i should have at least 2GB RAM to run AE. Dont think i have a good video card, probably just a standard one.

The reason why i use MOV h.264 is because i found this to be the quickest way to render out my stuff. I make a lot of 1-4 min videos for YouTube, so rendering out a lot of video takes time. I later convert them to FLV. Because AE CS3 does a crappy FLV export, or i just don't know how to do it properly.

But i have CS4 now and that renders out FLV nicely :)

For now, i hope that doing a purge for at least 20 renders will do the trick, hopefully :)


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Brad Hunka
Re: CS3 Keeps Crashing While It Renders More Than 10 Comps
on Nov 19, 2009 at 7:07:23 pm

Try this...

Enable "Secret" settings under EDIT/PREFERENCES. To do this:
- Hold down ALT+SHIFT while opening EDIT?PREFERENCES, select "General"
- In preferences dropdown, select "Secret"
- Check Disable Layer Cache and set to purge every 60 fames.

What this will do is purge the layer cache while rendering, not allowing you to overtax your system on multiple renders. I used to have the same issue as you and this resolved my problems.

Cheers, hope that helps!

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