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Explosion Project

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Max Jackson
Explosion Project
on Sep 21, 2009 at 2:45:04 am

Hi CC,

I'm pretty much a noobie at AE. I've got a pretty good feel for the primary architecture. I'm slow, but I tend to get exercises done.

My first goal as a motion designer is video myself run down a hallway towards the camera then spontaneously flash/explode into thin air. Maybe have some of the explosion bounce around in a hallway mask of some kind as well.

I'm curious what presets, tutorials, or plugins I might need to head towards that goal.

If anybody has any feedback t hat could head me in that general direction I'd be stoked.


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Jeremy Fabiano
Re: Explosion Project
on Sep 21, 2009 at 8:16:07 am

Sry if i sound like a moron for asking but i have a migraine..

are you wanting the explosion IN the hall way coming AT you?

Or do YOU want to explode?

Knowing this would help us guide you to the right path as these two are a bit different to approach (Although I do suggest trying both as they can teach you a lot of things)


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Max Jackson
Re: Explosion Project
on Sep 21, 2009 at 8:18:32 am

No, no problem man.

I want to explode into thin air. Like in a jump and all that's left is the hallway to my apartment as flashy pieces dissipate.

Thanks for asking. :)

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Jeremy Fabiano
Re: Explosion Project
on Sep 21, 2009 at 9:02:06 am

heh ok, have you shot it yet?

if not then good, if you have, well.. im sure someone can explain the hard way..

so onto the shooting..

you'll need a tripod (or something to hold the camera still)

this is massively important.. if the camera moves, the shot is ruined (at least for me still being noobish myself in a lot of ways)..

you need to film whatever jump/flail/fall/whatever
and without moving the camera at all you need to film the hallway by itself - i suggest just letting it film for like 20 seconds before you go jumping around that way you're guaranteed to have the 'clean' shot you're going to need.

ok import it in.. duplicate it.

now the top layer you want to move it up to the point where you want it to start - that parts done - for now

on the second (bottom) one you need to find a spot where the lighting is similar to when you jumped around. then effect -> time -> freeze frame

ok now to setup the basic effect.
go to where you want to 'dissapear'
set a keyframe on the opacity.
move forward 1 frame (page down?) change opacity to 0

now play it and make sure it does it right

next comes the hard part. I say hard part because I can't guide you through it as it deals with your personal preference.

You can layer ANY visual effect over top of you right where it 'pops' out of existance.

fire isnt my forté, but there's lots of tutorials around (also some on here i believe). There's places you can download free fire clips as well.

Now if you really wanted to make it look awesome, you'll have to look into 'Chroma Key' or greenscreen (or bluescreen). If you can get yourself "off" of the "background" then it opens up massive possibilities. The alternative is to make an animated mask and blah blah blah hard work lol.. a skill you need to know, but not one you should turn to as a first resort.

There's tons of tutorials on how to do that as well.. I'm writing a tutorial myself about how to greenscreen on the cheap.. and make it look good! It's not quite ready for public (especially with my crappy camera) but if you're really interested, I can show you how to do a greenscreen setup for anywhere from $20 to $150 depending on what you have lying around..

jeremyfabiano .a.t. gmail .d.o.t. com if you're interested at all

Remember.. Keep it fun, or it's not worth doing!!
I'm off to bed, g'nite and good luck!!!


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Max Jackson
Re: Explosion Project
on Sep 21, 2009 at 9:06:23 pm

Hi Jeremy,

Yeah, you've got what I'm doing to a degree. I guess I should just do a search for explosion or something. It's just I imagine there's a lot of different explosions out there.

I'm looking to do something that is kind of like and electrified bang. I should have to much of an issue with traveling as I'm probably going to just freeze the frame upon igniting effects.

I'll do some more searching.


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