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incompatable compostion, open gl, final render

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anita sancha
incompatable compostion, open gl, final render
on Aug 15, 2009 at 8:36:23 am


I have a 3 and half min animation. 15 compositions average 60 layers in each 3d with lights and adjustment layers. Many include taga imports of still photos of vegetables doing a samba conga and ending in a dream sequence all set in a forest theater. 1980 x 1080. 30 frames per sec. Enclose frame to show level of animation complexities. Over 11 thousand items 56 GB on the drive. Sequence 6150 frames long.

I am now trying to render this out on a mac book pro. 2 core. Multiprocessing is disabled in some of the compositions, I don't know why and cant see the cause, but have seen the long list in adobe help. I have so many effects it would be like looking for a needle in a haystack.

The thing is..... I just want to render final again. The first time the laptop took over 96 hrs and plodded through the night... night after night after night. 1 second of video rendered in an hour !! or so.. I now need to re-render as I have tweaked the lighting and although the render output is tagas, I do need to start yet again. Too many lighting changes.

So....mutliprocesing is off Ae has set this. with incompatible composition on some compositions.
16 bpc should I reduce to use 8bpc?

Is Open Gl used in final renders or only previews?
If I switch that off will it speed things up. The CPU is only using 60% even with everything in laptop shut down and the computer restarted before each nights work of rendering.

I know this sounds complicated, but I think it would be difficult to "flatten" some of this, not sure how this effects lighting. I've learned so much with this project, I would not make one so complicated in the future. Just need some help to final render it now.


Thanks for all your help
Anita Sancha.

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Barend Onneweer
Re: incompatable compostion, open gl, final render
on Aug 15, 2009 at 3:09:10 pm

Without knowing the details about your comps, it's hard to tell how your comps could be optimized. But optimizing and rendering proxies etc. also takes time so for this time you might be best off just hitting the render button.

It does sound like a lot of data for a project - and the harddisk may be part of the bottleneck. If the disk is too slow or RAM is low then the CPU can't be loaded to 100%. Adding RAM may helpt.

Raamw3rk - digital storytelling and visual effects

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Kevin Camp
Re: incompatable compostion, open gl, final render
on Aug 15, 2009 at 6:15:36 pm

there are some effects that are not compatible with ae's multiprocessing, like cc widetime, cc time blend and i think even particle playground are a few. so that may be why mp is disabled and there may be some other aspects of your comp that are disabling mp.

i agree with barend, with only 60% of the cpu used, you can bet that it's not getting enough data fast enough. as he mentioned have more ram may help, but with a lot of large frame/high data rate files used as layers part of the problem may be the hard drive and drive bus speed.

if all your media is on the internal drive (or drives), you should make sure that the disk cache is off in the preferences. this may help performance by reducing the load on the drive/drive bus.

Kevin Camp
Senior Designer

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robert craghead
Re: incompatable compostion, open gl, final render
on Aug 15, 2009 at 7:51:11 pm

Seems like this is a classic case for pre-renders. May be sort of antiquated with todays Cpu's, but a 96 minute render? Seems like a lot to put an underpowered CPU through.

Robert Craghead
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