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Time Remapping / Time Adjusting

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Ben Barnes
Time Remapping / Time Adjusting
on Sep 16, 2008 at 4:12:05 am

I have a one-shot music video I need to sync up to audio. The playback we used was a little off, so I need the video to run at roughly 98% of its normal speed to sync up to the music track, as the video runs slightly longer than it should.

Adjusting the speed of the clip in Final Cut works okay, but I notice the stutter when the program repeats a frame in its adjustment. Will time remapping in After Effects do a better job? Any advice as to the best way to do this?

Thanks in advance


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Chris Wright
Re: Time Remapping / Time Adjusting
on Sep 16, 2008 at 7:14:41 am

Could it be 98.75%? I know that is the difference between 29.97 and 23.976. If the audio was crystal synced or digitally synced and you didn't use a low end tape recorder, then all you have to do is either speed up the audio or slow down the video. Audio changing is the professional way, and less problems than video changing, hence video artifacts from framerate changing.

Hopefully, all you have is a normal 0.1% speed change. Because then you know the exact speed number. If not, line up timecodes from head to tail slates and frame accurate sync in AE by streching audio speed to duration and enabling high quality audio remapping with pitch correction.

*********Techie read article*****

The short version of this tutorial is to use 29.97 fps timecode for video, whether it be regular NTSC, 30P/24P "film look", or prosumer High Def video.

When shooting actual 24fps or 30fps motion picture, then you have to deal with the 0.1% speed change, so keep your audio at 30fps timecode. Live dialog will end up being slowed down to 29.97 during transfer to video; but sync playbacks will be speeded up from their original 29.97 to 30 fps when played back on the set.

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Ben Barnes
Re: Time Remapping / Time Adjusting
on Sep 16, 2008 at 3:36:48 pm

i'm pretty sure it's around 98.0 / 98.2. I don't know exactly how it ended up off, but I shot at 36fps, converted the track to 66.67% of its length in peak, and used it in playback, threw it up into a 24fps timeline, and was out of sync.

if i wanted to adjust audio instead, what's the best way to do it to a music track to preserve the highest quality? the band is anxious about making the track sound bad in any way.

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