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Choppy Export

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Choppy Export
on Nov 16, 2005 at 10:48:04 am

I did a time remap (speed ramp from fast to slow) in Final Cut Pro and exported (both as ref and self-contained).

When I watched it in quicktime the speed ramp was smooth motion. So far so good.

I imported into After effects, added a slight lens flare and exported once more.

When I watched the new quicktime file it was smooth'ish until the ramp then it became choppy, slight pause in between each footstep/frame.

The export from FCP was DVPRO compression

I used various compressions out of AE but never got what I was looking for.

Now I'm looking for help! : (

Your expertise and advice will be much appreciated


thank you

(& newbie question! What's the ever-changing green bar just above the timeline? It appears along the marker when I playback a composition)

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Michael Becke
Re: Choppy Export
on Nov 16, 2005 at 11:45:33 am

The green bar at the top indicates which part of the video has been rendered in RAM, so if you press "0", you prompt a RAM preview and you should see your "work" area fill up with green. (showing you how much of the work area has been rendered into ram)

If you enable disk caching/scratch disk, you'll see a blue bar on occasion. (this indicate which part of your timeline has been rendered onto your temporary scratch disk area or your hard drive)

About the choppy footage. To tell the truth I would like to know the best way to use time remapping. At the moment I try to avoid using it, and if I do it will be in mutiples. such as 200%, 75%, 50%.

Hope that helps, and hope you get a more comprehensive answer on the time question.

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Steve Roberts
Re: Choppy Export
on Nov 16, 2005 at 1:49:20 pm

What is the frame rate of the sequence in FCP?
What is the frame rate of the clip as rendered out of FCP?
What is the frame rate of the clip as imported into AE? (look in the project window)
What is the frame rate of the comp in AE?
What is the frame rate in the Output Module settings?
What is the codec in the output module settings?

Is your computer capable of playing back the final clip? Maybe it was compressed out of AE using the Animation codec, which would play badly on many computers.


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Re: Choppy Export
on Nov 16, 2005 at 6:05:11 pm

All the frame rates were synced at 29.97.

I used many codecs but my final attempt was the NTSC 48hz (I'm pretty sure that sounds right).

I've worked around it and have achieved my desired result.


I believe the root of the problem was in the speed ramp.

We'll see in the upcoming clips (minus the ramp) if the problem persists.

Thank you both for your help.

much appreciated!


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