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loss of resolution when importing psd stills

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loss of resolution when importing psd stills
on Aug 26, 2005 at 2:07:13 pm

im importing high quality stills in psd format (72 psi) into afx - scaling them slightly to fit and in the process losing the resolution resulting in a pixelated image...what am i doing wrong???

i want to make a 90 second looped film of stills (standing figures) and transitions that will ultimately be projected to fill a frame 1.3m / 0.5m what size film/aspect ratio should i use?....what relation does this answer have to the original imported size of the still other words what size should the images be when importing?


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Steve Roberts
Re: loss of resolution when importing psd stills
on Aug 26, 2005 at 2:55:14 pm

Your composition's size is related to the playback device. DVD playback? Hard Drive playback? Read on.

Regarding scanning, here's a post from a "scanning stills" thread earlier:

The dpi figure is the intermediary between the real world and the digital world. When scanning anything, the higher the dpi, the more pixels will exist in the digital image.

2"x3" image scanned at 72dpi yields a 144x216 pixel digital image.
2"x3" image scanned at 300 dpi yields a 600x900 pixel digital image.

Start with your TV frame size. Often 720x540.
Determine how much of each image will fill that frame. If you don't want to zoom in, then you want to scan your image so it ends up as 720x540. If, however, you want to zoom in so half the image fills the TV frame, scan at a dpi that will give you a digital image which is about twice the size as the TV frame. With a print, you would measure the zoomed-in area in inches, then find a dpi which would give you the TV frame size for that little area. For example:

10"x8" photo, fill 720x540 frame:
720/10 = 72 dpi, 540/8 = 67.5 dpi approx. Pick larger dpi.

10"x8" photo, zoom into area 4"x3" to fill 720x540 frame:
720/4 = 180 dpi, 540/3 = 180 dpi.

Your mileage may vary, but for DV or DVD playback in North America, many people work in a 720x540 comp, then drop that into a 720x480 DV preset comp for rendering. I work in 720x480 and use pixel aspect ratio correction.

If you thought this was going to be fast and simple ... welcome to After Effects! :)

Hope that helps,

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