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Any "advanced", large-project, AE camera tuts out there?

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Trevor Gilchrist
Any "advanced", large-project, AE camera tuts out there?
on Nov 17, 2019 at 6:41:59 pm
Last Edited By Trevor Gilchrist on Nov 17, 2019 at 6:42:23 pm

Hi. Sorry for the long post, but I want to give enough detail.

So, I've been doing this a long-ass time, but surprisingly, I've mainly worked on single-camera, single-scene projects. Now, I need to manage something much more demanding, and frankly, I'm falling on my face.

It's a cartoon-y "town" scene, with different streets and junctions and destinations. I need to be able to fly the camera around from point A to point B to point E, etc. and at each destination, the village springs to life — doors opening, street lights flickering on, banners unfurling etc — you can probably picture it quite easily.

I'm starting from scratch, and my first thought was to build the individual destinations as separate, master precomps; get all the action, animation and lighting set up for each one as a standalone thang, then bring those scenes into a master build, where the camera(s) could then be orchestrated...

Thing is, I need to be able to see the whole town, even though the emphasis on one part at a time — fly through darkened areas, to arrive at the next— but this 3D precomp business is a absolute ##**ing nightmare, because lights in the precomp, are ignored when collapsing transformations.

If I've built my "barbershop" street scene and I want to light up the inside of the shop as the camera arrives, I just... well... I just can't, unless I try and do it at the top level master build. Surely it's reasonable to expect to pre-build and pre-animate and pre-light sub-scenes, then bring those ready-to-go scenes into one master scene to construct the whole town?

It's not something worthy of C4D. Even it was a real kid-like simple look, it's a perfect AE project, in theory.

But I need to be able to see the whole dang town. If I attempt this as a single comp, I'll have at least thousand layers and 500 lights... and a heart attack.

I tried using Videocopilot's 3D pre-compose script, which claims to allow the lights in a collapsed precomp act independently of the master comp — the tut video even shows this happening — but it doesn't, or no longer does (I'm using CC2019).

So I scoured the web for tuts that go beyond "this is a camera... this is how you point it" and I can find NOTHING. Nothing that speaks pro-to-pro about managing multiple collapsed 3D precomps inside a master. Nothing about managing large projects in general and nothing about this crazy "lose all your lights when you collapse transformations" phenom.

I know that's big ol' moan, but does anyone perhaps know of any tutorials that go deeper and address some or any of these issues? I'm very happy to pay for such a masterclass. Not looking for charity, this is paying work.

Many, many thanks in advance, and I hope my dilemma was expressed adequately.

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John Williams
Re: Any "advanced", large-project, AE camera tuts out there?
on Nov 19, 2019 at 10:33:56 am

As this is quite specific, in order to help, do you have some images and examples of what you are creating and screen shots of the problems you are coming up against?

John Williams

Soho Editors

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