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Need some advice on building a video wall effect

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Phil Williams
Need some advice on building a video wall effect
on Aug 8, 2019 at 11:49:42 pm

Hi guys,

I'm planning to build a 36-clip video wall (4 rows of 9 clips, each in their native 16:9 aspect ratio), and I also want to be able to use the camera to zoom into specific clips so that they fill the frame (I'll be using the SureTarget camera plugin from Video Copilot to simplify this).

Part of me thinks the quickest way to build the wall is to create a massive 16:9 comp with a horizontal size of 17280 (1920*9), arrange all the full-size clips in it, then precomp them all, change the master comp size back to 1920x1080, and move the precomp back in Z-space until it fills the HD frame. Does that make sense, or am I being spectacularly dumb?

I'm assuming here that I need to use Z-space position to make the clips smaller, rather than simply scale them down in the 1920x1080 frame in the first place, because if they're scaled, I'll lose resolution when I try zooming into them. Is that correct?

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Kevin Reiner
Re: Need some advice on building a video wall effect
on Aug 9, 2019 at 6:59:36 pm

No need to make the precomp of 17280 width. In master comp, just change camera to front view and dolly backwards to see what you're doing from a distance. You can make the 4x9 grid from that view, then create a custom camera to animate.

This script may be helpful:

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