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Master Properties animations not working with Time Remap

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Andy Engelkemier
Master Properties animations not working with Time Remap
on Jul 22, 2019 at 5:37:01 pm

So far I've only used this with changing a color, but I didn't animate it. I just had instances where one element needed to match different groups of colors. Great.

But now I created an effect using a slider, then sent the slider over with Master Properties.

It works fine....that is, until I hit a key. I've time remapped the layer to add time between the two animations that happen. Rather than making my comp 3 minutes, it's just 5 seconds. Then I time remap it to add where I want things to hold, essentially. My first one goes from 0;22 to 04;08. The second time remap section goes from 04;15 to 11;15

I wanted a set of keys to animate, 10 frames apart, changing my effect from a value of 1, down to 0 (basically just removing the effect. And of course, I just now realize I could have just made that adjustment layer transparent instead, but hey, this way I got to name it.

I think where it's going wrong is the times aren't matching up. If I sed the keys to the Master Comp, they aren't at the correct time. I feel like that's Adobe's mistake, not taking time remap into consideration, but that's just my opinion.

Is that how it's working? Is there a workaround?

I ended up just putting the effect keys In the master comp at the correct time. I was just hoping to have it in my main comp so I could see where it was happening more clearly. There's a good reason for it, but it's complicated. Part of it has to do with the client making a change that wasn't planned for when I was designing the whole thing.

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Richard Garabedain
Re: Master Properties animations not working with Time Remap
on Jul 22, 2019 at 7:35:24 pm

I cannot understand any of that at all...but why would anything work with time remapping? if you time remap anything the time is going to be way off..even if you put in some math formula

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Andy Engelkemier
Re: Master Properties animations not working with Time Remap
on Jul 23, 2019 at 12:59:59 pm

Yeah, that's probably my bad in guessing poorly on what to explain.

So the time remap isn't actually Changing the length of time. I'm guessing everyone here uses it to essentially add hold frames. You add time remap, then just extend the front and back. If you don't stretch the keys, you aren't changing the time.

So that's what I'm doing. But I have that split in two. For simplicity's sake, lets say i have a set of keys 0-2 seconds, and I keep them 2 seconds apart. Then I have another set of keys 5-8 seconds, and keep them 3 seconds apart. This allows me to slide those keys in my Main composition to match where I need that animation. I'm not effecting the timing of the animation at all.

So what confuses me is how the master property works. If I set keys, it looks like it sets keys In the precomp, but shows them to you in your main/parent comp. So if the times don't match up, like if you're using time remap, then is just doesn't work.

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Tomas Bumbulevičius
Re: Master Properties animations not working with Time Remap
on Jul 23, 2019 at 1:25:43 pm

Hey Andy, I just made a read of whole post twice... And still not actually sure what is an issue. Below are few guesses:

You want to control time-remap inside pre-comp from master comp, but it doesn't work as expected, because times are different among the comps in your expression?

Also, it's not clear what master properties you are referring to.

Please let us know if above describes the scenario, or is it somewhat different.

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Andy Engelkemier
Re: Master Properties animations not working with Time Remap
on Jul 23, 2019 at 2:18:28 pm

So "Master Properties" is a new feature from Essential Graphics.
This allows you to do things like have one composition, create instances of it, and have each instance Different. Previously, you'd have to duplicate the composition and make a change to it. Or do changes with effect on each instance.

In my previous post about using that feature I was asking about having one element, a checkmark, in my animation change to different colors. Using "change color" effect, you have some work to do to be sure you don't have halos of another color. Passing this over as a Master Property allows you to do that.

But I've found that Animating master properties isn't working as I had hoped.

I have found several unexpected behaviors with essential graphics, mainly with the protected regions. I've read as much as I've found on protected region, and I can tell you that they do Not work as you would expect. And if you remove a protected region after you've used one, you should Definitely go back and delete the layer that used it, and add it back in. Because time ends up Really messed up. It sort of uses a sudo-time remap that you can't visually see. It's one of those features where they tried to make something easy, but messed it all up.

So far, with questions surrounding it, I'm getting the feeling that no one is actually using the features. It seemed like a good idea, but it seems like Adobe kind of messed them up, so it took more work to undo after it didn't work. So wasted a lot of time.

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