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Render time Problem

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Tony Meyer
Render time Problem
on May 22, 2018 at 2:06:56 am

Hi guys!

The past weeks i've been working on a project, i've rendered the same project the last week and i've made some "layer off/on" changes nothing to worry about, this weekend i left the same renders on my workstation and bring home my laptop to monitor the progress via Team Viewer, suddenly the connection went lost and i guess that the Workstation Shut Off because a storm in the city. When i arrived at office today the WS was off, so i've decided to conitnue the render that was leftover, when i hit render i realized that my render time increased immensely, 1st time render was about 1 hour and 30 minutes, but this time the "Est. Remain" was about 7hrs!!! With the same comp/settings /project/workstation.... The first thing I did was to clean the cache, check the disk space, etc... the normal thing you do when this things happen, but nothing worked, so i give a try to my laptop to render the same comp and voala! Render estimate: 1hr 30min!

So the first thing that comes to my mind, is that my processor gets damaged by the storm, i've checked all the settings of Windows/After Effects and all settings are good, (same as they're before the storm)... i have no clue whats going on.. i didn't changed a thing on the project..

My concern is that render times change between my computers despite the fact that the workstation is much more powerful than the laptop. This are the specs:
-i7 5820K processor
-Nvidia GTX 1080
-32 GB RAM (3200mhz) Gskill TridentZ
-2TB HDD (Internal)
-500gb SSD (Internal)
-4TB HDD Lacie External Drive (Where the project is)

-i7 7700hq Processor
-Nvidia GTX 1060
-250 SDD

So, if the specs of my workstation are much better than laptop's, no changes in the project, same render... what is the problem?

I hope that someone can help me out, because im worried that my processor is damaged, any advice? Has someone had a similar problem?


Tony Meyer

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Steve Bentley
Re: Render time Problem
on May 23, 2018 at 8:08:04 am

Are the files used for each machine local to those machines? Could a file have been damaged or not closed properly on the WS by the storm? IF so your laptop would render fine with files on itself, but the WS would be slow with the files it has.
I've seen some instances where a quicktime file that wasn't "closed" properly can still generate a render but it takes longer because the renderer has to keep opening and closing it each time it accesses the QT which can be multiple times per frame of render.

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Tony Meyer
Re: Render time Problem
on May 25, 2018 at 12:26:32 am

Hi Steve,

I doubt that a file has been damaged, because all the files are on the same HDD (External Lacie 4TB), so i've pluged in the same disk on the WS and on the Laptop... Yesterday, i rendered again the same project on the WS and it's like there isn't problems anymore! So, i don't know which was the problem! jaja "Machines, who understand them"... I will keep an eye, because im afraid that some hardware can be damaged by storm (hope not!)... Meantime, all seems to go fine!

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Steve Bentley
Re: Render time Problem
on May 25, 2018 at 2:10:14 am

You didn't mention what version of AE you were running (or I missed it).
I have a few versions here that cause issues with others. So for instance an install of 2017 will affect a still installed version of CS6 so much that if you run CS6 and quit, it doesn't actually quit and is still running in the task manager. You can then fire up another version and another and another. If you don't manually kill the process you can have a tons of the same app running and hogging resources. If this can happen with one version it can happen with others.

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