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Motion Tracking - Adapt Feature

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Filip Stillerska
Motion Tracking - Adapt Feature
on May 17, 2018 at 5:13:59 pm

I'm unable to understand what the "Adapt Feature On Every Frame" and "Adapt Feature" options does in Ae?

Adobe's description of "Adapt Feature On Every Frame":
"Adapt Feature On Every Frame Causes After Effects to adapt the tracked feature for each frame. The image data that is searched for within the search region is the image data that was within the feature region in the previous frame, rather than the image data that was in the feature region at the beginning of the analysis."

Adobe's description of "Adapt Feature":
"Select Adapt Feature to use the original tracked feature until the confidence level falls below the specified threshold. At that point, After Effects adapts the tracked feature to be the contents of the feature region in the frame preceding the one that has low confidence and continues tracking. This option isn’t available if Adapt Feature On Every Frame is selected in the Motion Tracker Options dialog box; enabling feature adaptiveness causes After Effects to adapt the feature region with every frame regardless of the confidence level."

I would really appreciate if someone re-described these options with their own words, and maybe also the differences between these two?

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Steve Bentley
Re: Motion Tracking - Adapt Feature
on May 17, 2018 at 6:31:42 pm

Even with an unchanging object moving about in frame, the way that object is rendered in pixels changes its shape in the file ever so slightly, Add camera noise to that and no two frames of the exact same moving object are going to be the same. So that's one use, to set a tolerance for an object that won't be quite the same on the next frame. So when AE goes looking in the next frame for that thing, it says, we'll that thing there is within a 20% or 80% tolerance of the previous frame so that's probably what I should lock on to.

On the other end of the scale, you might have an object that is rotating or the camera is rotating around an object, (or worse, changing size) and that object may not be the same shape or color on all of its "sides".

So in effect you are telling AE ,with that setting, to match that object either more perfectly or less perfectly so that there is some forgiveness in looking for that "exact" shape, because it will NEVER be exactly the same from frame to frame.

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