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How can i track this object with Mocha Pro perfectly ?

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Ashraf Khan
How can i track this object with Mocha Pro perfectly ?
on Nov 4, 2017 at 12:51:06 pm

How can i track the white note book perfectly, i tried hard, i'm not getting proper tracking from Mocha.

Can you please help me to track this white note book ?
Thank You.

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Leopoldo Perizzolo
Re: How can i track this object with Mocha Pro perfectly ?
on Nov 5, 2017 at 1:54:45 pm

When there are no clear features to track, and corners get covered, the only way to track objects is to do it by hand. I tried using the best settings for mocha but there just aren't enought features to track.
I hence used the built in after effects corner tracker - after going to tracking settings -> stop tracking with less than 95% accuracy so I could do it by hand, knowing that AE would screw up the data if it was left by itself - and manually set position for the two corners that got covered during some frames.

I attach a CC Power Pin effect preset with the data that I tracked for you -- please note that I interpreted the footage to precisely 30fps, instead of 29.976: you HAVE to do it as well;
also, since the footage I tracked came from youtube, I had the whole project set to 1280 x 720p, as the footage itself.

To use it, extract it, then import the ffx file inside Documents/Adobe/After Effects _your.version_ /User presets and drop it down there. If you had AE open, close it and restart it.
Once in AE, use the settings I said before and then search for the effect "11848_powerpintracked" in the effects panel, then apply it on a solid.

P.S.: I don't really know how you're going to get anything useful from this footage, since the book is the same color as the shirt of the actor; It's going to be really difficult even for a rotoscope to get a good matte of the arm. If I was you, I would re-shoot the scene, using a darker book or shirt, or a coloured one. Also, add clearer freatures.

Hope the best,

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Roei Tzoref
Re: How can i track this object with Mocha Pro perfectly ?
on Nov 6, 2017 at 1:13:34 pm

1. create on track layer for the paper, use these settings:

2. as the hand become close, add another track layer for the hand. it will default as a track matte because it's above the 1st track layer

3. when you are done, correct your track using the adjust track module:

here's the mocha file:

you can refine it further if you want. there are great resources in the mocha page on vimeo so check it out.

Roei Tzoref
2D/VFX Generalist & Instructor
♫ AeBlues Tutorials ♫

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