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Audio Synchronization when sending from Premiere Pro to After Effects and back to PP.

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Pavan Gulati
Audio Synchronization when sending from Premiere Pro to After Effects and back to PP.
on May 26, 2017 at 11:46:54 pm
Last Edited By Pavan Gulati on May 26, 2017 at 11:54:35 pm

Hi All,
First time poster but been lurking for a few months and appreciate what I've learned thus far.

Here's my situation:
I have multiple video clips. Each video clip has linked audio from the camera associated with it. Additionally I have one long audio track from an external microphone with better quality.

My goals:
  • Edit the video clips as needed and align them in say a rough cut.

  • Synchronize audio with external mic (PP Synchronization function works well)

  • Using After Effects add effects such as Intro, Picture in Picture, Lower Thirds, etc.

  • Bring back from AE to PP and have secondary audio synchronized

  • My Problem:
    When I go from PP to AE all seems well. However, if I need to shift things around (i.e. start points of video and audio) things get squirrelly. When I bring it back to PP from AE the shifted video no longer matches up with audio. What's more is that there is no audio at all associated with the After Effects dynamically linked composition so I'm left tediously trying to lip sync the video with the audio track. There must be a bette way.

    to show you more clearly what I'm talking about. I'm relatively new to the programs so bear with me as I fumble through them. I very much appreciate this community and any help you can offer to improve my work flow and synchronizing the audio post After Effects.

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    Pavan Gulati
    Re: Audio Synchronization when sending from Premiere Pro to After Effects and back to PP.
    on May 27, 2017 at 2:29:05 pm

    Hey all, I slept on it and figured it out with the help of a couple other tutoriasl. As usual I was overcomplicating the problem. Here's what worked:

  • Copy the clip (along with the desirable audio) from Premiere Pro

  • Paste into a new composition in After Effects

  • Add Intro element, make necessary timeline shifts (extend composition time in settings if necessary), add other effects as necessary, etc.

  • Render out and ensure Audio output comes along with the ride. I muted the unwanted audio track before rendering. The output was a new .mov file.

  • Import this edited file back into PP. This file has my desirable audio track with it. This new clip is slightly longer than the original exported clip since I added the Intro to it, but since the .mov file has the desirable audio along with it I didn't have to worry about trying to sync it with the audio track in PP.

  • Some other notes:
    - I abandoned dynamic linking. Breaking the process up is more intuitive to me and I seem to have more control.
    - I found these links helpful:

    I'll leave this up in case anybody wants to add to it or if a future newbie like me finds it helpful.

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