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Using 3D Camera Tracker with Green Screen Footage right?

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Daniel OrbUsing 3D Camera Tracker with Green Screen Footage right?
by on Nov 2, 2016 at 10:24:15 am

Hello everybody,

i got a question for using the 3D Camera Tracker in After Effects. We have a green screen Shot where the camera turns around the character and i also zooms a little bit, I´ve placed a few blue Tracking Points in the Background but the 3D Camera Tracker doesnt work right. Later we would like to add a whole 3D world with Cinema 4D. We want to extract the Tracking Data to get it done. This is what the shot looks like, is there any way that we can improve the trackers, do we need more? should they be blue or something else? Thanks everybody for helping.

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Dave JacksonRe: Using 3D Camera Tracker with Green Screen Footage right?
by on Nov 2, 2016 at 12:51:08 pm

If you are moving straight into Cinema the tracker there works REALLY well. It might even be a better pipeline to build the 3D stuff there once the track is done and export cameras to AE instead.

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Dave LaRondeRe: Using 3D Camera Tracker with Green Screen Footage right?
by on Nov 2, 2016 at 3:31:33 pm
Last Edited By Dave LaRonde on Nov 2, 2016 at 5:54:50 pm

Sorry, but you didn't give yourself much of a chance to pull a good key. Here are the problems:

A chroma key background needs to be as featureless as possible, with consistent, flat lighting. Yours has wrinkles & folds, there are right and dark areas.... and a corner of that grab reveals that it's too small.

The subject needs to be separated from the background to minimize spill on the subject. Think 6-8 feet. your subject is too close.

The subject also needs to lit separately from the background. There are two reasons: you can better match the lighting on the subject to the lighting of ultimate background, and you can control the intensity of the green screen lighting for better results. You're using the same couple of lights to try to do everything. I see blown-out areas on the background... and as far as the camera's concerned, that's white and not green. Not good.

It appears that you worked under the principle that all you had to do is toss up something green, slap on some tracking markers, grab a couple of lights and magic will inevitably follow. I'm afraid it takes the proper tools, the proper area, preparation, painstaking work.... and testing if you've never done this before.

I recommend a visit to, with a wealth of information & training materials. Here's my only knock on it -- the backgrounds are too brightly-lit for Keylight in AE; Keylight likes a darker background, so it's tougher to pull a good-looking key using their training clips.

Do yourself a favor: do some homework, do more planning, run some tests, try harder on your setup, and you'll have much greater success.

Dave LaRonde
Promotion Producer
KGAN (CBS) & KFXA (Fox) Cedar Rapids, IA

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Daniel OrbRe: Using 3D Camera Tracker with Green Screen Footage right?
by on Nov 2, 2016 at 8:49:07 pm

Thank you very much for the detailed information, i will give my best to improve it as described.

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