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Animated rainbow through text

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Ana SandersAnimated rainbow through text
by on Jun 12, 2016 at 1:41:07 pm

Hi all,
I'm animating a rainbow that sweeps across the composition in an angle over text and an image. I'm using gradient ramp and colorama to do this but I'm encountering some restrictions and am not sure if this is best way to do it.

1. I want to make the space between the colors larger, so that the individual bands of color are further apart and have more room to blend into each other. Using colorama for the color there doesn't seem to be a way to control the actual size of the colors, just the space between them on the color wheel. I have five colors so they are close together but I want them farther apart! How do I create more space between my colors or adjust the blending between them indvidually?

2. Speed. I'd like to make the animation slower so that the rainbow gradually sweeps over the composition, like a sunset. I could not find a way to slow down the speed of both effects. Is this possible? I tried slowing down the whole composition with time stretch but it does not look very elegant and I would like to have the ability to keyframe certain moments to be longer than others.

Many thanks for your help!

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Tudor "Ted" JelescuRe: Animated rainbow through text
by on Jun 13, 2016 at 7:29:04 am

Draw your rainbow in AI or PS, import in AE, make 3d layer, position it to get the perspective you need, animate a mask with feathered edge at the speed you want the rainbow to be revealed. Play with opacity and Layer Transfer modes to get the right look.

Tudor "Ted" Jelescu
Senior VFX Artist

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Joe ClayRe: Animated rainbow through text
by on Jun 14, 2016 at 7:39:05 pm

Hi Ana,

All you really need to do is extend your gradient, the end points don't have to fit within the layer bounds. It'd be great if you could change the cycle repetitions in colorama to allow you to evolve it, but you can't (I tried). But extending the gradient allows you to change how far the colors are apart, and you can change how long it takes to animate them but moving the gradient slower. All you need to do is make sure the ramp scatter is turned up to eliminate banding.

I've set up an aep you can download if you want to experiment with it. I tied the animation to a slider so you can easily change the distance between the colors. If you want it to animate faster, just move the sets of keys. If you need any help with it, let me know.

Joe Clay

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