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animate a circle in after effect

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Abud alharazyanimate a circle in after effect
by on Dec 13, 2014 at 5:16:06 pm

I tried to use radial wipe with multiple circle layers and changed layers frame time but still I couldn't get the same result something small is missing please help me get the same transition in this video

from 1:10 to 1:12

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Jason JantzenRe: animate a circle in after effect
by on Dec 26, 2014 at 11:31:47 pm

I was going through old threads and came across this. What I would do is make a parametric (non-bezier) circle on a shape layer with just the stroke at like 6 pixels. Animate trim path that's found in the Add menu when you twirl down the layer. Add a keyframe to the stroke width, and animate the width so that it goes from a width of like 6-8 or something desirable. Now you you have one circle animated. If you want the offset look like in the video, it'll be easier to duplicate the shape layer and not the shape group inside the shape layer. On the duplicates, you just need to size the circle down mathematically so that it fills the main circle. So, if the first circle is 100 pixels and has a 6 pixel stroke, and you want that gap in between to show like in the video, then you'll need to make the second circle 93 pixels to show a 1 pixel gap. When you animate the stroke width, this will close the gap (animating the stoke 2 pixels bigger is overshooting it on purpose to avoid any slight gap that might show up from anti-aliasing). If you want to reveal anything within those circles, you'll have to precomp the animation once it's all completed and then duplicate the precomp and set that as your track matte for what you want revealed.

Jason Jantzen

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